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Mercury in Scorpio



This is an awesomely penetrating mind, capable of plumbing the very depths of any topic or problem. Mercury in Scorpio types are heavyweight thinkers who take life extremely seriously. They have a natural suspiciousness that draws them beyond obvious facts and realities to that which is unanswered, concealed or simply too complex to be immediately understood.

These qualities make them ideally suited for work as researchers, investigators and psychologists. But at a personal level, their mental intensity can be rather intimidating, especially to more superficially minded types. In their quest to uncover hidden truths, Mercury in Scorpio individuals are utterly fearless about confronting even the ugliest and most taboo of subjects that would have most other people running scared.

Despite their scientific leanings, Mercury in Scorpio types are ultimately guided by their feelings and intuition. When their gut instincts are telling them something is wrong, they will never give up until they have unravelled the mystery. Stubborn, determined and often obsessive, the Mercury in Scorpio mind is almost impossible to fool or keep in the dark.


The communicative style of Mercury in Scorpio types is concise, forthright and brutally truthful. Although people of few words, what they do say packs a powerful punch that can leave others reeling. With their intuitive gift for always seeming to hit the nail right on the head, their insights and judgments can be shockingly accurate.

Though personally quite sensitive, Mercury in Scorpio individuals are rarely interested in sparing other people’s feelings: in their eyes verbal honesty is more important than massaging egos. These Mercury types delight in exposing any kind of pretentiousness, falseness or secretiveness – often using cruelly sarcastic language.

Masters of the art of mental self-empowerment, their communications focus on gathering as much information as possible, while revealing the absolute minimum about themselves. In discussions they have a tendency to be inflexible and dogmatic and quickly go on the defensive if they’re challenged or under attack. Mercury in Scorpio individuals hate to lose any kind of argument, usually insisting on having the last word.


Fearless truth-seekers; deep thinkers; capable of profound mental insights; hard to defeat in argument and debate.


Too mentally intense and obsessive; brutally outspoken and sarcastic; tight-lipped and secretive; intellectually inflexible and verbally dogmatic.

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