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Mercury in Sagittarius



This is a visionary mind that excels at seeing the ‘big picture’ but doesn’t function so well in narrow focus. Mercury in Sagittarius’s understanding is wide, comprehensive and geared to evaluating situations from an overall perspective rather than homing in on specifics.

Eternal students of life, constantly on the hunt for new mind-broadening information, these people seek big answers to big questions. Theirs is a strongly philosophical mindset with an ability to see the irony in even the worst of calamities, that carries them cheerfully through life. However, since their concentration is poor and their grasp of subtleties rather sketchy, they can easily overlook important details, which adversely affects their good judgment.

Optimistic in their expectations and charitable in their opinions, Mercury in Sagittarius types have a relentlessly upbeat outlook which attracts fortunate opportunities through the power of positive thinking. On the other hand, because they’re often too mentally confident to see trouble coming, their decision-making can be at best naïve, and at worst downright foolish.


Mercury in Sagittarius people’s extreme verbal honesty is both their greatest virtue and their biggest potential failing. Although usually delivered with the best of intentions, their brutal frankness can be embarrassing and hurtful to more sensitive individuals. On the other hand, their outstanding integrity means they can always be relied on to speak the unadulterated truth, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable for themselves or for others.

Because their freedom of speech is of the utmost importance to them, they refuse ever to be gagged or silenced. Quick to anger, especially when they spot any kind of injustice or hypocrisy, these folk love getting up on their soap box and putting the world to rights. In turn, they’re happy for others to speak their true mind and never bear a grudge over words spoken in the heat of the moment.

Equally eloquent whether discussing ‘big’ topics like religion and politics or spinning an amusing yarn, these Mercury types make gifted and enthralling conversationalists. They can make themselves unpopular through their preaching and tub-thumping, but when they’re in light-hearted mode they’ll make you laugh so hard, your sides ache.


Optimistic and cheerful; strong on honesty and integrity; don’t hold a grudge; philosophical outlook; good sense of humor; entertaining conversationalists.


Overlook important details; brutally frank and outspoken; pompously moralistic and ‘preachy’; overconfident; prone to intellectual misjudgments.

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