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Mercury in Pisces



Mercury in Pisces produces an unusually vivid imagination and a highly intuitive mindset. These people tend to be ‘right-brain’ types whose thinking is governed more by their instincts and gut feelings than by purely logical reasoning processes. When their intuition is right, they’re capable of coming up with many creative ideas and inspired insights. When it is faulty, however, they’re prone to hopelessly bad decisions devoid of all common sense and practicality.

These Mercury types can find it hard to focus their minds on mundane reality, frequently getting lost in the world of their dreams and fantasies. They easily become confused due to their difficulty in organizing their thoughts clearly. But although concentrating on facts and figures can be a big challenge for these individuals, they usually have a lot of natural artistic flair, and there is nearly always a strong appreciation of, and sometimes a creative talent for, music, art, literature or poetry.

A high level of emotional intelligence enables Mercury in Pisces types to pick up on subtle, hidden or ‘coded’ information unavailable to more rationally minded people. In advanced individuals, this may manifest as telepathic ability or ESP.


Although their far-off look can give the impression they’re not paying attention, Mercury in Pisces people are generally good listeners. They don’t actually need to focus on the spoken word as keenly as other folk, since most of the information they absorb is gained by psychically sensing into another person’s aura.

Because they can so easily imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes, Mercury in Pisces individuals are sympathetic towards others’ problems, usually managing to find exactly the right words of comfort and understanding. In factual conversations, however, since their minds wander a lot, they don’t tend to express themselves very clearly, easily miss the point, and can get badly mixed up about important details and arrangements.

Colorful, rambling storytellers who take ages to reach the point, Mercury in Pisces people can get a little confused between fact and fiction. They have a tendency to be deliberately vague and evasive – or even dishonest – sometimes to avoid hurting others’ feelings, but mostly simply because they hate to be pinned down. In turn they’re more easily duped than the average Mercury sign.


Imaginative; artistically minded; highly intuitive and perceptive; telepathic; sympathetic and comforting; colorful storytellers.


Mentally confused and absent-minded; impractical dreamers and fantasists; verbally vague and evasive; easily duped; can’t distinguish between truth and fiction.

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