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Mercury in Libra



Mercury in Libra is associated with a particularly fair-minded way of thinking. People with this Mercury placement instinctively want to carefully consider both sides of an issue, to-ing and fro-ing several times between different viewpoints, before reaching a – usually middle-of-the-road – conclusion. Given all this tiresome weighing and deliberating, not surprisingly these folk can be quite lazy about making decisions. However, being pressured into making their minds up prematurely badly upsets their mental equilibrium and is likely to precipitate a bad decision.

Mercury in Libra’s thought processes are governed by logical facts and reasoning, and can’t be swayed solely by emotion. For this reason, their minds always work best in cooperation with an intelligent and well informed companion who can act as a mental sounding board and help them gain courage and belief in their own convictions.

All these Mercury types really want is to think beautiful thoughts and have a peaceful and harmonious mindset. Their deep reluctance to confront unpleasant, yet important, truths and realities represents their greatest intellectual weakness.


Most of us enjoy talking to Mercury in Libra individuals. Discussions with these people tend to be pleasant, polite and unusually well balanced – being genuinely good listeners, they’re always keen to hear what others have to say.

True, those looking for an immediate and forthright response can find Mercury in Libra types’ endless procrastination and fence-sitting rather irritating. But because these folk rarely jump to rash conclusions or badmouth others without good reason, when they finally deliver their verdict, it can be trusted as well considered and fair.

Mercury in Libra types are much appreciated for their willingness to compromise and their talent for tactfully smoothing over volatile situations. On the other hand, their tendency to purposefully avoid discussing contentious issues due to their dislike of confrontation and arguments can, in the long run, do more harm than good. To avoid upsets and make themselves more popular, it’s often easier for Mercury in Libra people just to nod, agree and tell others only what they want to hear.


Fair-minded; capable of balanced judgments; polite and pleasantly spoken; good listeners; tactful and diplomatic; balanced conversationalists.


Procrastinating and indecisive; fearful of unpleasant truths and realities; avoid direct confrontation; disingenuous ‘yes’ people.

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