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Mercury in Leo



This is a strong, creative mind that is confident and resolute in its opinions. People with Mercury in Leo are proud of their knowledge and beliefs and invariably think they are right.

These types are good at understanding the larger overview of a situation, planning general strategies and solving big problems. At the same time they’re prone to overlooking minor yet highly significant details because they erroneously consider them to be unimportant.

Mercury in Leo individuals certainly know their own mind and can’t be easily persuaded into changing it. This is useful in situations requiring firm leadership on their part, but problematic when they’re clearly wrong or mistaken. Mercury in Leo types’ fixity of thinking and tendency towards intellectual arrogance can give them a ‘know-it-all’ reputation. On the other hand, their positive, optimistic outlook has an empowering and morale-boosting effect on everyone they come into contact with.


Mercury in Leo types speak in a self-assured, commanding, and highly authoritative way. They love sharing their own ideas and experiences with other people and have the ability to do so in an especially entertaining way. With their flair for dramatic performance, they make great storytellers who can hold an audience spellbound. But they make poor listeners, are prone to talking exclusively about themselves with little interest in what others have to say, and can be quite boastful.

Their tendency to over-exaggeration sometimes raises questions as to their honesty. But at a personal level, i.e. when they’re not ‘on stage’, they actually possess a lot of integrity. Mercury in Leo types always speak from the heart, and such is their confidence in their opinions, they’re unafraid to express them openly rather than gossiping behind others’ backs.

Their intellectual pride means they tend to take criticisms or disagreements as personal insults and find it hard to compromise, which can get in the way of fair-minded discussions. However, these people are so passionate and enthusiastic about getting their ideas across, they’re usually successful in convincing others of their point of view.


Mentally confident; intellectually creative; can see the ‘big picture’; passionate and authoritative speakers; good storytellers and teachers.


Intellectually arrogant and boastful; ‘conversation hogs’/ poor listeners; stubborn-minded; overlook important details.

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