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Mercury in Capricorn



Mercury in Capricorn is famed for its sense of structure which produces a mind capable of analyzing any problem in a systematic and orderly manner. People with this Mercury sign have a very down to earth way of thinking geared to pragmatic decision making. They rarely get carried away by abstract, ‘airy-fairy’ concepts that aren’t useful in a strictly practical way.

This is a shrewd and intensely serious mindset that needs to think things through very carefully and responsibly before making any kind of judgment. At best this results in a high degree of intellectual integrity, good mental concentration and self-discipline, and a marked talent for strategic long-term planning. At worst it can lead to over-caution, mental paralysis and a host of wasted opportunities due to excessive concern about making the ‘wrong’ decision.

Always happier with traditional, well-proven ideas, at times these Mercury types can be a bit intellectually snobbish and narrow-minded, with an inability to see beyond the prevailing opinions of the day.


People born with Mercury in Capricorn tend to choose their words very carefully. Since they feel a lot of responsibility for what comes out of their mouth, they generally prefer to remain silent rather than say something they will later regret. Tact and diplomacy are these individuals’ strong point, but they often make others feel ill-at-ease through their taciturnity and aloofness.

Because they always prefer to talk about facts and realities – not just idle opinions and potentialities – they’re not very good at light conversation or social small-talk. They want very much to be taken seriously, which can manifest as a lecturing, perhaps rather pompous style of communication. Professionally, these Mercury types make excellent teachers, but at a personal level they can be a bit heavy-going and long-winded.

Not known for their optimism or light-heartedness, Mercury in Capricorn individuals may initially come across as overly earnest and lacking in humor. In reality, however, they possess a wickedly dry wit that relies heavily on irony and sarcasm. These people take life so seriously, they’d go crazy if they didn’t make a few deadpan jokes about it all from time to time.


Shrewd strategists; good long-term planners; mentally self-disciplined; excellent head for business; tactful and diplomatic; gifted teachers.


Taciturn and aloof; overly earnest and pompous; pessimistic and depressing; intellectually snobbish and narrow-minded.

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