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Mercury in Cancer



The Mercury in Cancer mind is strongly attuned to emotions, atmospheres and the subliminal absorption of data. These people don’t think in a conventionally logical way, relying instead on their feelings and instincts to make judgments and decisions. They possess an extremely high level of emotional intelligence which enables them to pick up on subtle, intangible or hidden information which cannot be detected by reasoning alone.

Mercury in Cancer individuals tend towards biased or prejudiced thinking, and may sometimes twist the truth to suit their theories, completely ignoring facts and realities that don’t fit in with their personal beliefs. Because many of their opinions are based on ideas they have absorbed during their childhood, they may have difficulty adapting to new ways of thinking.

Mercury in Cancer types possess an excellent memory, especially for the emotional content of past events, and they rarely forget kindnesses, nor slights and insults. Their minds tend to dwell on, and may worry a lot, about their home and family.


Mercury in Cancer people speak in a caring and sympathetic way and are very good listeners. As a result they inspire others to open up to them at an intimate, personal level, although sometimes they can be overly solicitous.

There’s a poetic quality to these individuals' speech and writing, a sentimental turn of phrase, and a talent for intuitively understanding the true meaning and motivation behind words and sensing into subtle undercurrents. However, they can easily get badly confused when discussing hard facts and figures, since their emotions constantly interfere with their ability to think rationally and objectively.

Those born with Mercury in Cancer may also use emotion and sentimentality to try to sway the opinions of others. The extreme sensitivity of these people means they’re not good at handling criticism of any kind and they can act very defensive, withdrawn and sulky in ‘hostile’ environments. Mercury in Cancer types aren’t particularly quick-witted, and can be slow to come up with answers since they need plenty of time to ‘intuit’ the right response.


Kindly and softly spoken; poetic and artistic; good at listening; retentive memory; strongly intuitive; high level of emotional intelligence.


Illogical and easily confused; prejudiced and lacking in objectivity; poor head for facts and figures; overly sensitive/take things too personally.

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