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Mercury in Aries



People with Mercury in Aries tend to be fast-thinking, quick-witted and very mentally agile. However, they lack the capacity for considered, thorough, in-depth intellectual analysis and possess a much shorter than average concentration span.

Their thought processes are spontaneous and highly subjective, giving them a talent for original, inspired, and sometimes ingenious thinking. But because they’re so single-minded and only see things from their own standpoint, they have difficulty appreciating alternative perspectives. This is an intellectually competitive mind that requires constant stimulation and enjoys vigorously challenging – and arguing against – others’ ideas and opinions.

Mercury in Aries individuals quickly become impatient with dull-witted types who are unable to keep up with their own speed of thought. They are known for their ability to make quick, firm decisions, but because they rarely take the time to think things through properly, many of their judgments can be rash and ill advised.


The Mercury in Aries communicative style is forthright, direct and assertive. These types can be relied upon for their verbal honesty and willingness to ‘tell it like it is’, no matter who they might upset or offend. Fearless advocates of truth, they simply aren’t interested in telling others only what they want to hear.

Mercury in Aries people excel at quick-fire, spontaneous responses and clever come-backs and always want to be first in coming up with a new idea or expressing a controversial opinion. They’re very good at striking up conversations, but due to their tendency to flit from one topic to another are poor at sustaining a line of thought.

They talk in a heated, impassioned and excitable manner that inspires enthusiasm – but sometimes also irritation – in listeners. Fierce opponents in arguments and debates, they can be very verbally aggressive, and perhaps quite crude, at times. They also have a troublesome tendency to blurt out the very first thing that comes into their heads without reflecting on the likely consequences.


Intellectually fearless; original thinkers; lively conversationalists; open and direct; fast, confident decision makers.


Headstrong and impulsive; tactless and blunt; quick-tempered; too intellectually subjective – can't admit they're wrong.

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