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Mercury in Aquarius



This is a sparklingly gifted mind capable of functioning both on a logical and an intuitive basis. People with Mercury in Aquarius see things clearly and objectively, rarely allowing emotions to interfere with their judgments and decisions.

These types excel at thinking ‘outside the box’, with a mental detachment that allows them to view a problem from many different perspectives in order to understand it more comprehensively. At the same time, they have the potential to absorb information from higher levels of consciousness, tapping into ‘Universal Mind’ to come up with novel ideas or inventions. The cleverest among them may therefore combine the dual intellectual qualities of originality of thought and cool-headed rationality.

Forward-thinking and unconventionally minded, they detest ‘old-fashioned’ attitudes and dim-witted stupidity. However, once their mind is made up, Mercury in Aquarius people can’t easily be pressured into changing it: despite their receptivity to alternative ways of thinking, they can be very pig-headed when their intellectual freedom is challenged.


Quick-witted, smart and always with something interesting to say, Mercury in Aquarius individuals are clever conversationalists. However, because they tend to avoid talking about feelings and other non-factual considerations, they usually feel most comfortable in impersonal group settings. At a more intimate level, they sometimes come across as rather overly cerebral and aloof.

They can also be quite perverse and uncompromising, constantly disagreeing with others’ opinions simply for the fun of stirring up controversy. Firm believers in the right to unrestricted freedom of speech, Mercury in Aquarius people love to shock, not caring who they offend in the process, and being personally unshockable.

There’s often a strong streak of mental arrogance about these individuals and although they rarely hold prejudices, they do have a tendency to judge others on their intellectual merits, and can be scornfully dismissive of those they consider to be less rationally minded than themselves. The more developed types may have telepathic faculties which enable them to pick up instantaneously on others’ thoughts without the need for words.


Logical and quick-witted; original and inventive; forward-thinking and progressive; honestly outspoken; telepathic abilities.


Overly detached and aloof; argumentative and perverse; shockingly controversial; intellectually arrogant and stubborn-minded.

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