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1 Year Relationship Forecast Report

Celebrity Dream Dates : a Taurus and Sandra Bullock



Claim to Fame: Oscar-Winning Actress.
Born on 26th July 1964 at 3.15 AM in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Sun Sign: Leo.

People born under the Sun Sign of LEO generally take an intensely passionate approach to love, expressing their affections in a highly demonstrative way. With their powerful sense of drama, they’re good at big romantic gestures – and they know how to make their loved ones feel really special and valued. As dedicated party animals, their main pleasures in life tend to revolve around socializing and entertainment. Generous, loyal and affectionate, they’ll bring a lot of sunshine into your life!


Actually not very compatible!

Your level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Leo may not be all that high. Your own Sun Sign, which is the earth sign Taurus, isn’t a particularly good match for this sign. This is because signs which are three signs apart in the Zodiac, such as Taurus and Leo, don’t always blend harmoniously with each other and often have some difficulties in getting on.

As a result you may not readily identify with their fiery and flamboyant way of relating to others (you tend to be rather more pragmatic!). And you may have different tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes and activities you enjoy.

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