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Relationship Strengths and Challenges Report

Celebrity Dream Dates : a Cancer and Daniel Craig



Claim to Fame: English Actor and Film Producer.
Born on 2nd March 1968 in  Chester, England, UK.
Sun Sign: Pisces.

People born under the Sun Sign of PISCES tend to express their affections in a markedly selfless way, sometimes sacrificing their all for those they love, while expecting very little in return. Strongly idealistic by nature, they’re adept at injecting a sense of magic and romance into their relationships. Their greatest pleasures revolve around music, poetry and the arts - in which they’re often personally gifted. Kind, sensitive and giving, they spread a little stardust wherever they go!


Actually very compatible!

You’re likely to experience a high level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Pisces. Your own Sun Sign, which is Cancer, is a good match for this sign. This is because signs of the same element, here water, tend to blend harmoniously with each other and generally get on well.

As a result you can probably readily identify with their strongly emotional way of relating to others. And you may share the same tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes and activities you enjoy.

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