Partner Relationship Personality Report

Celebrity Dream Dates : an Aquarius and Adam Sandler



Claim to Fame: American Actor/Comedian/Producer.
Birth Data: Born on 9th September 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Sun Sign: Virgo.

With their inborn desire to serve, people born under the Sun Sign of VIRGO tend to express their affections by helping others – especially at a practical level. These are people who excel at looking after all the small details in their loved ones’ lives and making everything as perfect as possible for them. Always happiest when they’re doing something useful, what they enjoy most is keeping busy. Efficient, dependable and hard-working, they’ll get your life running like clockwork!


Actually, not particularly compatible!

Your level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Virgo may not be all that high. Your own Sun, which is in the air sign Aquarius, isn’t the best match for this sign. This is because air signs and earth signs don’t always blend harmoniously with each other and often have some difficulties in getting on.

As a result you may not readily identify with these people's strongly pragmatic approach to relationships (you're rather more of a free spirit!). And you may have different tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes and activities you enjoy.

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