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How Typical Of Your Star Sign Do You Appear To Be?


photoIt has to be the case that a good percentage of us possess very obvious traits associated with our Star Sign and often can be immediately recognized as such. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many dedicated followers of Star Sign astrology nor such a large number of us religiously checking out our daily horoscope!

Yet there are probably just as many examples of people who on first impressions act and sound nothing like their Zodiac Sign. If so, why does this discrepancy exist?

For an answer to the puzzle we can look at the Sign position of Mercury, the planet of communication, at the time of our birth. Because our Mercury Sign symbolizes how we talk our talk, and how we express ourselves when interacting with others, it’s one of the most immediate things about us that someone will pick up on.

If our Mercury Sign is the same as our Star Sign, then it will be easy for someone to correctly guess our Star Sign from the way we talk and act. Otherwise they won’t get the same kind of clues and may make the wrong call.

What’s interesting here is that since Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees from the Sun, it follows that approximately half of the time the Sun and Mercury will occupy the same Zodiac Sign and half of the time they will not. Which accounts for the 50% discrepancy between people who seem typical of their Star Sign and those who don’t!

Let’s take the example of James and John who were both born under the Star Sign Scorpio. Because James also has Mercury in Scorpio, his guarded intensity, so typical of his Scorpio Star Sign, comes across very clearly as soon as he opens his mouth. But because John’s Mercury falls in light-hearted, openly outspoken Sagittarius (one of the Signs adjacent to Scorpio), it’s much harder to spot his Scorpio Star Sign from the way he talks.

In another example, Julia and Jane both have the Star Sign Pisces. Julia, whose Mercury Sign is also Pisces, is immediately recognizable as a Fish because of her gentle, rather round-about way of expressing herself. Jane, on the other hand, who was born when Mercury was in Aries, speaks in a much more direct and hard- hitting way than you would expect from a Pisces, and so people who don’t know her rarely guess her true Star Sign.

Why not put it to the test! Find the astrological Sign of Mercury for yourself, your family and friends and then compare it with your/their Star Sign. 



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