Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Compatibility


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Humor and Fun
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Kim and Kanye's compatibility has scored highly in the following categories...

Romantic Potential in Kim and Kanye's Relationship

There's a spiritual quality to this romance which may lead these two to believe divine forces have been at work in bringing them together. The love Kanye feels for Kim could be of a uniquely selfless kind and he may think she is truly wonderful. In his eyes she can probably do no wrong and there are times when he might be willing to forgive her almost anything. Kim may find it very seductive to be idolized in this way and - if other factors fit - her heart could well be won over!

Friendship Between Kim and Kanye

If the best friends in life are the ones who make each other laugh, then Kim and Kanye would certainly appear to fall into this category! As a couple, they tend to have a lot of fun when they're in each other's company and they're likely to enjoy the same kind of leisure interests - especially games, sport and travel. Because they share the same values and have a similar outlook on life, it's unusual for these two to fall out with each other. If they do disagree, they're normally able to resolve things fairly and amicably without any ill feeling. This friendship is probably far too important to both of them to allow anything to spoil it.

Potential for Commitment in Kim and Kanye's Relationship

Even if commitment isn't all that high on this pair's agenda, the deeply comforting feeling of mutual familiarity and the general sense of "rightness" about this relationship could make them reluctant ever to be separated, having once found each other. Instinctively they may realize it would seem like losing a vital part of themselves should they ever decide to split - and this awareness can inspire them to put in the necessary effort to hold things together in the long-term.

Emotional Empathy Between Kim and Kanye

The great thing here is Kim and Kanye's ability to identify closely with each other at a feelings level and empathize with each other's moods and reactions - which can create a strong sense of connectedness. Thanks to the harmony between Kim's Venus and Kanye's Moon, she's likely to respond affectionately to his gentle, creative temperament - and knows how to make allowances for his occasional over-sensitivity. For this reason Kanye will probably feel particularly relaxed in her company, secure in the knowledge that she accepts him exactly how he is.

Communication Between Kim and Kanye

Kim's Jupiter, resonating strongly with Kanye's Mercury, points to an unfailing ability to make each other laugh and ensures that the lines of communication between them will always stay open - come what may. A similarly earthy sense of humor allows these two to talk through issues in a straightforward and light-hearted way, so that however dire the situation, they can't stay mad with each other for long. Because this pair have such a mentally enlivening effect on each other, they're probably never at a loss for words - in fact most of the time they're likely to be in competition with each other as to who has the most to say!

Humor and Fun in Kim and Kanye's Relationship

Because they tend to bring out each other's crazy side and spark off each other's sense of humor, Kim and Kanye may love nothing better than acting the fool together and generally clowning around in each other's company. It's all down to the energy-boosting effect they're likely to have on each other, which gives both of them the enthusiasm to extract every last drop of fun out of life. With happy vibes between Kim's Mars and Kanye's Jupiter, excitement and adventure figure prominently in their relationship - giving them a shared love of travel, sports and action-packed pursuits!

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