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The Astrology of Love Triangles - Is Three Always a Crowd?


photoRomantic threesomes are the stuff of many a steamy erotic fantasy! But in reality, the practical and emotional complexities of conducting two sexual relationships simultaneously can be very stressful. Love triangles may be good fun (for the initiator at least) and a big turn-on. But they’re also extremely risky, painful and a lot of hard work.

How do you handle a triangular dating dilemma?

Nonetheless, as shown by their prevalence in film and literature, romantic triangles are far more commonplace than one might at first suspect. Nearly all of us have been, or will be, involved in some way in a romantic threesome at some point in our lives. When looking for a new partner, it’s only too easy to find ourselves dating (or even sexually involved with) two people at the same time while we’re – quite reasonably – considering our options.

Because the first and foremost rule of dating is never to discuss our other love interests with our new date, neither they – nor we – will find it easy to know whether there’s also somebody else on the scene. Unwittingly, and without really intending to, we can end up part of a complicated dating triangle which leaves us feeling somewhat disingenuous.

How do you handle a triangular dating dilemma without compromising your integrity or shooting yourself in the foot? Openly admit you’re seeing two people and you risk putting off both your new dates for good. Cover it up with a web of deceit, and when you’re found out, neither may ever trust you again, leaving you with nobody. To be a successful ‘triangular dater’, you’ll need to be emotionally tough, clever, and exceptionally good at ducking and diving.

Which Star Signs make the best triangular daters?

Initiating a love threesome will inevitably be easier for some of us than others.

If your Sun falls in an emotionally detached, freewheeling sign like Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius, you may be relatively more comfortable with ‘open’ relationships and less affected by the feelings of guilt and uncertainty that love triangles often involve. Similarly, if you're a down-to-earth Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you're likely to be quite unapologetic about conducting two relationships simultaneously if that best suits your practical needs at a particular moment in time.

If you’re an ambivalent Libra, you’re probably well used to juggling two or more flirtations at once while you're struggling to make up your mind about which you prefer. While ‘slippery’ Pisces, to whom massaging the truth comes easily, is the most skillful of all the Star Signs at covering their romantic tracks.

Many Scorpios love the sense of emotional power that comes from having two lovers on the hook at the same time and are well suited to romantic threesomes provided they're in control. However, if they draw the short straw in a love triangle, they're far too sensitive and possessive to be easily able to share a boyfriend/girlfriend with somebody else, even in the short term, and the same applies all the more so to Cancerians. 

Can you love more than one person at the same time?

If you’re part of a romantic triangle, it’s usually because you genuinely believe you’ve fallen – or are falling – equally in love with two people and can’t make your mind up between them. Because every relationship is totally unique, in reality it’s unlikely your feelings for both people will be of exactly the same strength or nature or that both liaisons will be equally beneficial for you. But when you’re blinded by the euphoria of romantic infatuation, seeing things clearly can be hard.

The truth is that evaluating your feelings and weighing up the pros and cons of two different relationships is far from easy. Friends and family can’t really help as their opinions are often heavily biased as a result of personal experiences and prejudices. What’s needed is an objective analysis tool that will show you the comparative strengths of each potential partnership, allowing you to make a dispassionate decision as to which is likely to be best for you in the long term. 

AstroReveal’s Premium Personalized Feature Torn Between Two Lovers allows you to effectively contrast and compare any two relationships of your choice. Easy to read bar graphs – calculated on the basis of a detailed analysis of hundreds of birth chart compatibility variables – throw light on the six most important criteria for successful relationships, enabling you to make the right choice for your needs.

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