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Uranus in Taurus



In March 2019 Uranus, the planet of sudden change and disruption definitively moved into the Earth Sign of Taurus, where it will remain until May 2026. Because Taurus rules our money and our personal possessions, during this time we may all be required to adjust to some unexpected developments affecting our financial and material circumstances.  

Because Uranus is a universal rather than a personal planet, these changes aren’t likely to occur as a result of anything we ourselves have, or have not, done. Instead, we may find ourselves caught up in the aftermath of global economic events which lie outside our control.  

If you’re good at managing your money and your finances are in a stable state, you should have little to fear from Uranus’s transit through Taurus. But if you’re already in debt and/or don't have much in the way of savings, there could be even more financial insecurity ahead – unless you take the necessary action right now to protect yourself and your income.

Uranus – Planet of Innovation and Experimentation

What you can’t hope to do, during Uranus’s seven year transit through Taurus, is stick to the same old, tried and tested ways of making money, because the chances are these aren’t going to work any more! One of the main functions of Uranus is to kick away the old in preparation for the new, and when this happens you have to go with the revolutionary energies or suffer the consequences of your inflexibility.  

Uranus in Taurus gives us all the opportunity to find new, innovative ways of making money, acquiring property and achieving greater abundance. During this time, we will discover there’s cash to be made from the most unexpected sources and in the most surprising ways. The only requirement is that we should be ready to step into the unknown and experiment with some alternative approaches we would previously have considered too way-out or risky.

Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, isn’t very at home in Taurus which, due to its astrological Fixity, has a reputation for being one of most inflexible and conservative of all the Star Signs. So if your Star Sign is Taurus or one of the other Fixed Signs, it will be particularly important for you to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and go with the flow of change and progress.

How Uranus in Taurus Affects Your Relationships

How will Uranus’s seven year stint in Taurus play out in your personal relationships? Well, while it’s unlikely to have much impact on the emotional aspect of your relationships, it can and will affect any financial or material assets you hold in common with your partner, and the way you manage your shared finances.

A major part of the revolutionary function of Uranus in Taurus will be to overthrow traditional gender attitudes towards money. As a result we may see some major changes in how couples split their financial expenses, who has the biggest say over how joint money is spent, and who acts as the main breadwinner. Materialism in general, and specifically property ownership, may become less important to couples of the future.

Because Uranus is the planet of freedom, fiscal independence will also become a much stronger feature in relationships, with less emphasis on the pooling of material resources, greater assertion of personal financial rights, and prenuptial agreements the norm rather than the exception.


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