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Which Star Signs Make the Best Parenting Teams?



What’s best for the kids? Two parents with Star Signs on the same page about discipline or one who is relatively more permissive and one more authoritarian? Depending on your viewpoint, here are the best Star Signs for you to co-parent with.

What makes a good parenting team? Some people would say it’s when both parents have the same kind of child rearing strategies, and in particular the same discipline style.

When a parenting team share the same discipline style – whether that’s relatively permissive or more authoritarian – they’re more likely to offer their kids consistency, and less likely to be continually arguing in front of them over disciplining issues. So the youngsters not only enjoy a more peaceful home environment, but also know exactly where they stand.

But then of course others take the view that what’s really best for the children is to have two parents who take contrasting approaches towards discipline, i.e. one who is relatively more permissive and one more authoritarian. That way a child gets the best of both worlds – one parent who’s prepared to cut them some much needed slack and one who will lay down the law when necessary.

In the following we’ve grouped the 12 Star Signs by those who tend to be fairly permissive as parents, and those who are more authoritarian.

If you think parenting consistency is best, choose a co-parent from the group of Star Signs with a similar discipline style to yourself. If on the other hand you think it’s better for a parenting team to take a balanced approach to discipline, you’ll be better off raising your kids with a Star Sign from the group whose discipline style is the opposite to your own.

Star Signs whose Parenting Style tends to be more Permissive:

Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces are all on the same page in terms of sparing the rod and offering their children adequate freedom. Because all of these Star Signs have a relatively permissive parenting style, they’re unlikely to fight with each other over issues of discipline and they’re most likely to offer their kids consistency.

For a number of these Star Signs, especially Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius, authoritarian parenting is virtually impossible. Given their own insatiable craving for freedom, they’d feel hypocritical if they tried to tie their kids down. As parents who place great value on their children’s independence, they’re usually prepared to give them plenty of free rein to do their own thing.

Then there are those parents for whom making friends with their children is a key priority, which tends to mean that strict discipline goes out the window. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini believe in treating their offspring as equals and so prefer to negotiate with them over rules and boundaries rather than just blankly laying down the law.

Finally we have those three big softies, Pisces, Cancer and Libra, who hate arguments and confrontations, and can’t stand the idea of upsetting their kids or making them cry. Small wonder then, that they’d rather turn a blind eye to their misdemeanors than wield a big stick. Tolerance comes easily to Pisces, Cancer and Libra parents due to their enormous levels of understanding and compassion.

Star Signs whose Parenting Style tends to be more Authoritarian:

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn tend to take a somewhat less lenient approach to child rearing and thus to be rather firmer and stricter with their kids. None of these Star Signs believe in over-indulging their children and because they’re roughly on the same page where discipline is concerned, they’re more easily able to agree on rules, boundaries and punishments.

As one might expect, the more traditionally minded Star Signs tend to be the most authoritarian. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (the three Earth Signs) are no-nonsense parents who understand the importance of raising children with clear-cut, commonsense boundaries just like their forebears did. They take a serious view of their parenting responsibilities, which in their eyes consist of providing their kids with firm, authoritative, adult guidance.

Qualities of resoluteness and stickability are also more common among authoritarian parents. ‘Fixed’ Signs like Taurus, Leo and Scorpio can’t easily be talked out of a tough decision when they know it’s the right one, which means their kids can rely on them to be reassuringly steady and predictable. But on the flip side, they lack the flexibility to change course when it would be more appropriate to do so for everyone concerned.

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