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Which Parent and Child Star Signs Are the Most Compatible?



Parents and children with compatible Zodiac Signs naturally tend to enjoy a happier and less problematic relationship.  So let’s take a look at the best child matches for every parent’s Star Sign:

The Best Child Matches for Aries Parents:

Energetic and fearless, a fiery Aries parent prefers kids with a similarly spunky and confident personality. For this reason, they won’t go far wrong with a child born under any of the Fire Signs, i.e. LEO, SAGITTARIUS or ARIES, who are likely to inherit much of their own passion and enthusiasm for life, and aren’t afraid to be true to themselves. Aries parents also get on well with GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS kids. These Air Signs are very compatible with Fire Signs like Aries because they channel the same kind of outgoing, ‘yang’ energy.

The Best Child Matches for Taurus Parents:

Because Taurus is such a laid-back and down to earth Star Sign, it does a good job of getting along with kids of all types. However, for optimum compatibility, the best match for a Taurus parent is a child who shares their practical, cautious and materially oriented outlook, i.e. one of the Earth Signs, VIRGO, CAPRICORN or TAURUS. Signs belonging to the Water Element, CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES, are also great child matches for a Taurus parent since their energy has a similarly gentle, ‘yin’ quality.

 The Best Child Matches for Gemini Parents:

Gemini parents like a mentally stimulating and highly social home environment, so will do best with kids who are just as smart, chatty and gregarious as themselves. For this reason, they will feel very much at home with any of the Air Signs, LIBRA, AQUARIUS or another GEMINI, who are likely to reflect their own logical, objective and people-oriented approach to life. Gemini parents also relate easily to the masculine ‘yang’ energy of Fire Sign children, ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS, as it so closely mirrors their own.

The Best Child Matches for Cancer Parents:

As the archetypal carers of the Zodiac, Cancerian parents will warmly welcome a child of any Star Sign into the family fold. But even they find it easier to get on with some kids than others, and it’s true that they’re more in their comfort zone with Water Sign children – SCORPIO, PISCES or another CANCER – who are blessed with the same high level of emotional intelligence and sensitivity as themselves. Children born under the Earth Signs, TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN are also very compatible with Cancer parents since their energy has a similarly gentle ‘yin’ quality.

The Best Child Matches for Leo Parents:

Leo parents tend to be high achievers who in turn want their kids to make their own successful mark in life. For this reason, they’re usually happier with children to whom confident self-expression comes easily, in other words one of the Fire Signs, ARIES, SAGITTARIUS or another LEO, none of whom need much encouragement to shine their light in the world. The second best child matches for a Leo parent are kids born under the Air Signs, GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS because they have the same kind of masculine, ‘yang’ energy style. 

The Best Child Matches for Virgo Parents:

Virgos are supremely feet-on-the-ground parents who relate most easily to similarly feet-on-the-ground kids born under the Earth Signs. Their best child compatibility matches are therefore TAURUS, CAPRICORN and VIRGO, all of whom will thrive on a Virgo parent’s practical, commonsense parenting style. But despite their no-nonsense approach, there is also a gentle and caring side to Virgo parents which gives them a strong affinity with the feminine ‘yin’ energy of Water Sign children – CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES.

The Best Child Matches for Libra Parents:

Having a harmonious mental rapport with their offspring is very important to a Libra parent, so their best child matches are those who share their archetypically masculine, head-centered thinking style. All of the Air sign kids – GEMINI, AQUARIUS and LIBRA – would rather rationally discuss an issue than blow it up into a big emotional drama, much to the relief of their peace-loving Libra parent. Fire Sign children – ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS – who have a similarly male or ‘yang’ energy and aren’t too emotionally sensitive are also good matches for Libras.

The Best Child Matches for Scorpio Parents:

Scorpio parents have the easiest time raising children whose emotional nature is just as strongly developed as their own, and Water Sign kids – CANCER, PISCES and SCORPIO – fit the bill perfectly in this respect. There’s an endearing sensitivity about these youngsters which a highly empathic Scorpio parent is ideally equipped to relate to and nurture. The similarly gentle ‘yin’ energy of Earth Sign children – TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN – is also a good match for this archetypically feminine Star Sign.

The Best Child Matches for Sagittarius Parents:

The type of kids who appeal most to Sagittarius parents are those who mirror their own powerful spirit of independence and adventure. As a result, they experience the strongest sense of kinship with Fire Sign children – ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS – all of whom have the necessary courage and self-belief to go their own way in life. The independent-minded Air Signs – GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS – are also good child matches for Sagittarius parents, who admire these youngsters’ ability to think for themselves.  

The Best Child Matches for Capricorn Parents:

Capricorn parents take their child-rearing responsibilities extremely seriously and in turn expect their offspring to display the same kind of dependability and good behavior. Because this is most likely to be the case if they have Earth Sign children, kids born under TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN will probably be the easiest for them to raise. Water Sign children – CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES – shouldn’t cause them much trouble either. With their gentle, giving ‘yin’ energy, trying always to do ‘the right thing’ is their way of showing their parents how much they love them.

The Best Child Matches for Aquarius Parents:

Due to their high level of tolerance and adaptability, in principle Aquarius parents can get along with any child. In practice though, they find it much easier to understand kids who possess their own kind of emotional detachment and independence. For this reason Aquarius is most comfortable with Air Sign children – GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS – who in turn love the freedom they’re granted by a libertarian Aquarius parent. Next best for Aquarians are Fire Sign kids – ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS – who channel the same kind of emotionally resilient ‘yang’ energy as themselves.

The Best Child Matches for Pisces Parents:

Piscean parents love their kids unconditionally and it’s important to them to know they’re well loved in return. So children born under the emotionally expressive Water Signs – CANCER, SCORPIO or PISCES – with whom they can experience a strong feelings connection, tend to bring them the most joy. As a parent, spacey Pisces also responds particularly well to the gentle groundedness of Earth Sign kids – TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN – which gives them a more practical perspective on life and helps to keep their over-sensitivity firmly in check.

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