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What's the Best Discipline Style for Your Child's Star Sign?



Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to discipline isn’t as effective as adapting your approach to your child’s astrological temperament. Let’s look at each of the 12 Star Signs and what’s likely to work best for them.

The Best Discipline Style for an Aries Child

Don’t be afraid to adopt a forthright attitude when it comes to disciplining your Aries child. Actually, this little warrior will consider you rather weak and wimpish if you fail to vigorously reprimand them when they know they deserve it! An angry rebuke won’t do them any harm, provided it’s a short and sharp one. On the other hand, delayed punishments are best avoided: to learn to think before they act, this impetuous youngster has to understand that misbehavior has immediate consequences.

The Best Discipline Style for a Taurus Child

It’s not usually advisable to employ bribery to enforce good behavior in your kids, but there’s no denying it works unbelievably well in the case of the Taurus child. Reward-based discipline appeals to their strong material values, helping them to learn that the better they perform in life, the more they will earn in return. Similarly, threatening to hit them in the pocket by withdrawing their spending money is by far the best deterrent against wrongdoing – both in the present and in the future.

The Best Discipline Style for a Gemini Child

Nobody is suggesting that bad behavior is a laughing matter, but in the case of a Gemini child humor is a great way to diffuse a challenging discipline situation. Telling this youngster a funny story to make a serious moral point works far better than getting too heavy and authoritarian, which only brings out their rebellious side. Because boredom is the main reason for naughtiness in Gemini kids, it’s easy to motivate them to do better by turning dull chores into amusing little games.  

The Best Discipline Style for a Cancer Child

Tread gently when laying down the law with a Cancer child. If they’ve annoyed you, this sensitive youngster will probably be just as upset as you because they hate fights and confrontations. Speak softly and calmly, and while reassuring them you still love them, point out how their bad behavior is making life more difficult both for you and the entire household. Because playing their part in caring for their family is their key priority, that’s actually the last thing they want to do.

The Best Discipline Style for a Leo Child

Since Leo kids are happiest when they’re getting lots of appreciative feedback, they’ll try their best to win your approval by being a good child. But if they’re not getting enough parental attention, they’ll attempt to attract it in less positive ways. By ignoring your little Lion you will not only grievously wound their pride, you will also goad them into ever worsening levels of misbehavior. Praise is a simple but highly effective discipline strategy for an ego hungry Leo child.

The Best Discipline Style for a Virgo Child

Because they’re little perfectionists who aim to be, do, and achieve their very best, Virgo children require little in the way of discipline. If they need correcting for any reason, go easy on harsh criticism: these self-deprecating youngsters are already their own hardest taskmaster. Virgo kids are keen, hard working students who love to learn. So rather than waiting for them to do something wrong, teach them right from the start what constitutes good behavior and what does not.  

The Best Discipline Style for a Libra Child

You’ll soon notice your Libra child is a clever little negotiator who loves brokering a deal with you over all kinds of things – including house rules and discipline. No harm in this, since it helps to develop their bargaining skills, which will serve them well later in life. It also helps to prevent the arguments they so detest, and which are more likely if you adopt an authoritarian discipline style. All in all, letting your Libra child collaborate in the setting of boundaries and punishments is a good idea.

The Best Discipline Style for a Scorpio Child

A typical Scorpio child thinks very much in terms of black or white, and all or nothing, with not very much in between. If they have to be disciplined, they prefer a firm and straightforward kind of punishment, not a half-hearted or wishy-washy one with all sorts of conditions and maybe’s attached. An authoritative and consistent discipline style is the best choice for most Scorpio children. They want clear guidance from you over limits and boundaries, and what kind of behavior is right and wrong.

The Best Discipline Style for a Sagittarius Child

Over-disciplining doesn’t go down very well with the average Sagittarius child. If you make the rules too strict and the boundaries excessively narrow, this freedom loving youngster will simply ignore them. On the other hand, their powerful in-built moral compass will always alert them if they’ve done something genuinely wrong. Then they expect some kind of just punishment and are usually ready to take it on the chin. Sagittarian kids play fair in life and expect their parents to do likewise.

The Best Discipline Style for a Capricorn Child

Because they’re more grown-up than usual for their age, sensible, mature behavior comes easily to Capricorn kids. They respond well to clear rules and boundaries which they believe it’s your duty to set for them, and theirs to follow. In fact if you’re too permissive in your discipline style, they’ll probably see you as having failed them in some way. You’ll rarely have cause to reprimand a young Goat, but if you do, they’ll be ready to take the wrap for their mistakes due to their strong sense of responsibility.

The Best Discipline Style for an Aquarius Child

Trying to persuade an Aquarius child to accept any form of discipline can be a big challenge. Since they consider themselves to be your equal, they tend to expect exactly the same kind of rights, privileges and freedoms, and convincing them otherwise will require some smart arguments on your part. The secret lies in appealing to their high level of intelligence by giving them a good logical reason for a rule or decision, which only a dumb little kid would choose to ignore or defy.

The Best Discipline Style for a Pisces Child

You’ll need to be extremely careful in how you go about disciplining your Pisces child. Because they have such high expectations of themselves, whenever they step out of line they tend to feel very guilty, and excessively harsh reproaches on your part will only increase their feelings of self-recrimination. But at the same time, don’t allow yourself to fall for their sophisticated emotional blackmail tactics, and their tendency to play the victim card to wriggle out of facing the consequences of their misbehavior.

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