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The Astrology of Falling in Love



The experience of falling in love comes in many different shapes and forms, depending on the nature of the transits to our natal Venus occurring at the time.

What does it feel like to fall in love? Because most of us will fall in love more than once during our lifetime we’ll have several opportunities to find out, and in each case the experience is likely to take quite a different form.

The most powerful, mind-blowing falling in love experiences occur when one of the three all-important outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, moves into aspect with Venus (the planet of love) in our birth chart.

Of these URANUS (the planet of sudden change) is most likely to produce that electrifying, magnetic attraction, often described as being struck by lightning, which is associated with love at first sight. The out-of-the-blue of excitement and exhilaration of a Uranian falling in love experience is so irresistible it can turn our life upside down to the extent of causing us to forget all practical considerations. The urge to experiment with different, and perhaps quite unsuitable, kinds of relationships is exceptionally strong now. Because it’s inherently unstable, Uranian love also tends to be rather unpredictable, often here today and gone tomorrow, and consequently of the on-off kind.

The experience of falling in love when NEPTUNE (the planet of ideals) is influencing our Venus creates a much more romantic and dreamy love vibe, with a sense of euphoric irreality that feels very much like being stoned! Under a Neptune transit we may get a sense of falling in love with love, rather than with a real person. Indeed, because Neptune causes us to see things through rose colored glasses, we often become infatuated with an idolized version of our lover rather than the real life person they actually are. It’s all wonderful while we have our head in the clouds, but we may suffer painful disillusionment when we come crashing down to earth again.

Can falling in love ever feel a bit scary? Well yes, when compulsive PLUTO gets in on the act, we can have the sense of being drawn (often against our conscious will) into dangerously deep waters. This is the kind of falling in love experience which is frequently referred to as a ‘fatal attraction’ in that it seems to be the result of destiny outside our control. Because our love is so intense and so all-consuming, carrying us alternately to the heights of ecstasy when things are going well and the depths of misery when they are not, right from the start it may involve just as much pain as it does happiness. There’s often an element of love-hate about a Plutonic relationship, while feelings of insecurity and jealousy must constantly be battled against, and the act of letting go in the event of a break-up can prove challenging in the extreme.


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