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Leo - A Dating Guide



If you’re dating a Leo, think big! Welcome to the most majestic and the most dazzling of all the star signs – the sign that most wants to be boss, least wants to play second fiddle and the greatest prima donna of the Zodiac.

Does this mean it’s a bit egotistical? Well, if you’re the type of person who thinks less is more and showing off is the height of uncool, then you might see Leo that way. If, on the other hand, you’re more of a follower than a leader – or you’re looking for a trophy partner – then dating a Leo could be good for you. 
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Because Leo is a FIRE sign, it takes an intensely passionate approach to life. At the same time, because it’s also a FIXED sign, Leo's pace is slow and steady, it has enormous sticking power and it hates any kind of change or disruption that might interfere with its grand schemes.

Don’t be fooled by the air of superiority emanating from most Leos, which can make them appear slightly arrogant at first sight. Okay, they’re a confident, ambitious bunch and not the type ever to sell themselves short. But deep down, most Leos are actually simple-hearted souls with a transparent, uncomplicated agenda and a fairly simple set of needs.

Like every big cat, to get it purring contentedly, all the Lion really wants is for you to stroke its mane, tickle its tummy and tell it that it’s truly wonderful. It doesn’t take much to bring out Leo’s warm, devoted and extraordinarily generous nature – just a willingness to go along with its naive belief that the entire universe revolves around itself.

Get this right and dates with a Leo can be unbeatable good fun. Huge lovers of life who both play hard and work hard, this is the sign most likely to show you a good time. Dates with Leos have to be high-key, exciting, and unashamedly flashy to be successful: they’ll be underwhelmed without a real sense of occasion – and of course, themselves center stage.  

Leo can be quite a handful, it’s true. Like the Sun, its ruler, this sign simply can’t stop radiating out its fiery energy – after all, that’s its whole reason for existing. While for some this is heart-warming, for others it can be a bit too overpowering at times. But then, if you can’t stand the Leo heat, best get out of the kitchen!

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