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Teenage Star Signs - Which Are the Most Challenging?



Adolescence is a notoriously challenging time in any kid’s life, and one that can prove even more stressful for their parents! But not all youngsters are destined to turn into stereotypical teen monsters. Your child’s Star Sign has a lot to say about the kind of personality and behavior changes they’re likely to experience when they hit puberty, and how these may affect their relationship with you.

If your son or daughter is an EARTH SIGN (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN) thankfully you’ll probably be spared the worst of those dreaded teenage tantrums! Most Earth Sign kids transition from childhood to adulthood slowly, steadily and calmly, displaying only a minimum of the usual teenage angst, while maintaining a perfectly civilized relationship with their parents.

As a group, they’re far too grounded and sensible to risk wrecking their future prospects in life by rebelling against the status quo or biting the hand that feeds them.

Because their material ambitions really start to take shape during their adolescent years, they’re usually much too focused on their studies to even consider ‘dropping out’.

Of all the Star Signs, WATER SIGNS (CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES) probably have the hardest time emotionally when their teenage hormones start to spike. As their inborn sensitivity goes into overdrive, any tendencies they may have previously displayed towards moodiness or depression can become more of an issue, both for them and for their parents. You’ll need to tread quite carefully around them to avoid inadvertently hurting their feelings!

Water Sign youngsters are also at greatest risk of romantic heartbreak in the wake of teen love that goes wrong. Because they experience romantic pain very intensely, but can’t easily express it, it tends to build up insidiously inside. If your adolescent Water Sign child gets a bad case of the blues for no apparent reason, it’s a strong possibility the root cause is unrequited love.

The FIRE SIGNS (ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS) can be an exceptionally rebellious bunch, even as tiny tots. So by the time they reach adolescence their inborn drive for freedom of action is likely to have gained so much momentum, it risks running out of control. Fire Sign kids take top prize for fearsome over-the-top teenage tantrums. But at least what you see is what you get and you never have to second-guess where they’re coming from.

There’s nothing deep and mysterious about Fire Sign kids’ teenage rebelliousness: it’s quite simply about furiously pushing against the boundaries to gain ever more personal independence. If you’re the parent of a Fire Sign teenager, keeping them safely in check while avoiding blazing showdowns and fights will test your ingenuity to the limit!

AIR SIGNS (GEMNI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS) take teenage rebellion to a whole new level of sophistication and maturity. They don’t need to sulk, scream or shout to make the point that they’re grown up now and don’t want you dictating to them any more. They’ll do it through mind-blowingly clever arguments that will deftly tear to shreds everything you believe in and stand for in life.

It’s customary for teenagers to suddenly go incommunicado, or to respond to their parents only in the form of monosyllabic grunts, but here Air Sign kids really buck the trend. Their insatiable desire for vigorous debate can make it hard to shut them up at times! Don’t take it personally if they suddenly start disagreeing with almost every word you say. They’re just using you as a verbal sparring partner to sharpen their wits and practice their reasoning and arguing skills.  

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