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How to Keep Your Baby Happy by Star Sign



Happy baby equals happy parents! Yes, but the problem is not all infants are the naturally cheerful type. Depending on which Star Sign they were born under, some are rather more serious, or even a little morose by nature. While others have an unusually high level of sensitivity which makes them quite grouchy at times. Then there are those who for no obvious reason are beaming with joy one minute, and furiously angry the next.

But fear not! Whatever your baby’s inborn temperament, there’s a lot you can do to encourage them to keep smiling – provided you use the appropriate tactics for their Star Sign.

Let’s start with the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) – an exuberantly jolly bunch with a highly contagious joie de vivre that raises the spirits of everyone around them. But their passionate nature also gives them a tendency to be rather impatient and bad tempered if they’re made to wait (Aries), not getting enough attention (Leo) or being subjected to too many restrictions (Sagittarius).

Your Fire Sign baby will be happiest in a colorful, upbeat, and cheerfully noisy environment with lots of lively action going on. Too much peace and quiet can be a little depressing for them. Remember too, if you’re always laughing and smiling they’ll be quick to respond, but if you easily lose your cool, they’ll be just as cantankerous too.

Because Air Sign infants (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are the most instinctively sociable of all babies, you’ll probably see their first smile rather earlier than average. When your Air Sign baby spontaneously smiles at you, it’s an invitation to make friends. So start talking to them right from the start and not just in gaga baby language. The best way to make these precociously smart little creatures happy is to recognize their natural intelligence.

Another good move for keeping your Air Sign baby cheerful is to make sure they’re always surrounded by people. The sound of chattering voices is sweet music to their ears, and more likely to soothe them to sleep than keep them awake. So take them along with you to restaurants and parties where they will love feeling part of the company. 

Earth Sign babies (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are usually the easiest of all to keep happy, as long as you’re highly vigilant about fulfilling their basic physical needs. Taurus tots are little foodies right from the start and always cheeriest on a full stomach. Virgo infants will never be happy if they feel dirty, so regular changing and bathing is essential. Similarly, Capricorn babies feel most content with a consistent and dependable daily routine because the level of their happiness is directly proportional to their sense of physical security.

The sights and sounds of nature are wonderfully calming to Earth Sign babies and a great antidote to occasional bouts of crankiness. So make sure they get plenty of fresh air and wherever possible place their crib or baby chair where they can see the sky, trees and flowers.

Some Water Sign infants (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) may not smile as often or as widely as other babies since their extreme sensitivity makes it hard for them to feel happy all the time. Their problem lies in their tendency to pick up on and absorb others’ emotions, especially the negative ones, rather like a tiny psychic sponge. So to keep your Water Sign baby happy it’s very important to maintain a positive and serene state of mind when you’re around them.

These little ones are easily unsettled and upset by a noisy and chaotic environment, for which reason peace and quiet tend to be more beneficial to them than any of the other Star Signs. But that said, they love listening to music, as long as it’s the gentle and harmonious kind (i.e. Mozart, not hard rock!).

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