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Childrens Star Signs: Which Are Best for Intelligence?



When it comes to intelligence, let’s begin by getting one thing straight: it’s not a case of one size fits all! There are a number of different kinds of intelligence – logical, intuitive, practical and emotional – and all are important in their own way.

Each of the astrological Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) is endowed with its own unique form of intelligence and each set of three Signs belonging to a particular Element will have a similarly smart way of thinking.

Find out in the following what kind of intelligence is associated with your child’s Star Sign and where their key mental strengths lie.

Air Sign Kids Possess Logical Intelligence:

Children born under the three Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) apply reason and logic to their thinking to a greater extent than any of the other Zodiac Signs. Their characteristic mental detachment gives them good objectivity and the ability to view situations without bias or prejudice, purely on the basis of facts.

Among the Air Signs, Gemini kids are probably the fastest thinking for their age, the most precociously articulate and also the wittiest. Libra children excel at weighing and balancing contrasting ideas and arguments, which gives them exceptionally good judgment for their young age. As for Aquarius, this is the sign most likely to produce a touch of early genius, due to its combination of cool-headed rationality and originality of thought.

Fire Sign Kids Possess Intuitive Intelligence:

If your child was born under one of the three Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), they’re likely to have the kind of mind that functions primarily on gut instincts – ideas or hunches that just ‘come to them’ seemingly out of the blue and often for no logical reason.

Among the Fire Signs, Aries kids will frequently astound you with their brilliant, lightning-fast flashes of inspiration. Little Leos – probably the most confident of all the Zodiac signs – certainly know how to make others believe they’re incredibly smart and knowledgeable! While the key mental strength of Sagittarius youngsters lies in their visionary mind, their ability to instantly grasp the ‘big picture’, and their talent for spotting possibilities that others simply can’t see.

Earth Sign Kids Possess Practical Intelligence:

The three Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) have the distinction of a predominantly down-to-earth kind of intelligence and outstandingly good practical know-how. Blessed with great common sense, these little ones have the edge over their peers in understanding how things work, making and mending things, and finding workable solutions to everyday problems.

Among the Earth Signs, Taurus youngsters have the most strongly developed physical senses, and therefore the best visual, tactile and audio skills. As the most critically minded of all the Star Signs with the sharpest eye for detail, Virgo kids’ skills tend to be of a more analytical kind. By comparison, the greatest mental strength of Capricorn children lies in their systematic, orderly and highly structured way of thinking, which equips them for precociously shrewd decision making. 

Water Sign Kids Possess Emotional Intelligence:

The three Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) base their understanding and decisions in life on their emotional responses to the world around them. These children are predominantly right-brain types whose talent for psychically tuning into situations and atmospheres allows them to make the right call in most circumstances without recourse to logic or facts.

Among the Water Signs, little Cancerians have a remarkable capacity for absorbing information subliminally and know far more than they appear to do! They also possess the best memory of all the Star Signs, especially for emotional events. A Scorpio child’s mental strength and intensity and ability to perceive and understand information hidden from most other people certainly put them ahead of the pack where intelligence is concerned. But in terms of the sheer power of their imagination and creative inspiration, Pisces kids could well be the smartest of all!

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