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Which Star Signs Are the Smartest or Most Intelligent?


photoBecause every single Star Sign is smart in its own unique way, it would probably be unfair to single out any individual one as being the cleverest.

Each Astrological Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) possesses its own special kind of intelligence and each group of three signs belonging to a particular Element will tend to think in a similar way – albeit with some important characteristic differences.

Fire Signs Possess Intuitive Intelligence:

The three Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have the kind of mind that functions primarily on gut instincts – ideas or hunches that just ‘come to them’ seemingly out of the blue and often for no logical reason:

Among the Fire Signs, Aries is known for its brilliant, lightning-fast flashes of inspiration, but on a bad day also for its impulsiveness and tendency to jump to wrong conclusions. Leo – probably the most confident of all the Zodiac signs – certainly knows how to make others believe it’s incredibly smart and knowledgeable, although in some cases it’s just big-headed swagger! Sagittarius possesses a visionary kind of mind capable of instantly grasping the ‘big picture’, but often poor at coming to terms with details.

Earth Signs Possess Practical Intelligence:

The three Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can be considered ‘smart’ in the true sense of having practical know-how and down-to-earth wisdom. Blessed with great common sense, they excel at finding workable solutions to everyday problems.

Among the Earth Signs, Taurus thinks predominantly in tangible, 3-D terms and relates particularly well to ideas that have a sound, concrete basis, but is often lacking in imagination. Virgo is the most analytically minded, and also the most critical, of all the Signs, combining practical intelligence with logic and quick-wittedness due to its rulership by Mercury. Capricorn has a systematic, orderly and highly structured way of thinking geared to shrewd decision making but sometimes misses the boat by being too slow and cautious.
Air Signs Possess Logical Intelligence:

The three Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) apply reason and logic to their thinking to a greater extent than any of the other Zodiac Signs. Their characteristic mental detachment gives them good objectivity and the ability to view situations without bias or prejudice, purely on the basis of facts.

Among the Air Signs, Gemini is the fastest thinking, the most articulate and also the wittiest, with a special aptitude for acquiring and passing on information. Libra is renowned for its habit of weighing and balancing contrasting ideas and arguments – useful in helping it to reach a fair and well reasoned conclusion, but also the cause of its frequent prevarication. Due to its talent for combining cool-headed rationality with originality of thought, Aquarius is often considered to be something of a genius (although in some people's eyes it's just plain crazy!!)

Water Signs Possess Emotional Intelligence:

The three Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) base their understanding and decisions in life on their emotional responses to the world around them. These are predominantly right-brain types whose talent for psychically tuning into situations and atmospheres allows them to make the right call in most circumstances without recourse to logic or facts.

Among the Water Signs, Cancer is renowned for its powerful sublimal absorption of information, its finely honed instincts and its excellent (emotional) memory, but its lack of objectivity makes it prone to being unfairly biased at times. Scorpio’s mental strength and intensity put it ahead of the pack where intelligence is concerned, giving it the ability to perceive and understand information hidden from most other people, but can also be somewhat scary for some. In terms of imagination and creative inspiration, Pisces is perhaps the smartest of all the Star Signs, but it’s let down by its woolly thinking at times.

While Star Signs can tell us to some extent how smart a person is, MERCURY SIGNS are actually a much more accurate guide to intelligence. If you don't know your Mercury Sign, you can find it HERE!


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