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Can Astrology Predict the Future of Your Relationship?


photoThose Times When You Need a Little Reassurance

If your relationship is very important to you, there will inevitably be times when you worry a little about its future. Naturally you want the magic to last forever! So even if everything is currently okay, it’s easy to fret about what might possibly go wrong.

This kind of negative thinking is dangerous, not only because it prevents you from living in the moment and enjoying the happiness that is rightfully yours, but also because negative thought forms attract negative realities!

If you already suspect that your relationship is running into trouble – perhaps because you’re fighting a lot more with your partner, or you sense their love for you may be starting to cool – then these feelings of concern will be all the stronger.

At times like these, you badly need some solid advice or reassurance, and your first port of call (after your best friend!) may well be an astrologer. But what exactly is astrology and how can it help in calming your fears for the future of your relationship?

How Can Astrology Help?

The important thing to understand about astrology is that it’s a great deal more than mere fortune telling. Predictive astrology is a spiritual science that gives you the vital information you need to make positive, informed choices about your future.

Rather than just setting out what fate has in store for you, astrology invites you to play an active part in creating your destiny by making the most of upcoming opportunities and avoiding possible pitfalls.

So when you consult an astrologer about what’s likely to happen in your love life, you’re unlikely to get yes or no answers. What you can expect, however, is to be told about upcoming potentialities and how you can use them to your best advantage.

Never forget, while the Stars may lay down the blueprint for the future of your relationship, your own freewill plays an equally important part in shaping what’s coming up next!

Nurturing Your Relationship

You should look at your relationship as a living thing that can be encouraged into growing and blossoming through careful tending, but if handled wrongly can easily wither and die.

Astrology is unique in its ability to alert you to those times when your relationship will benefit most from a little extra nurturing – both the good times when it can be deepened and made stronger, as well as the danger times when it is most at risk.

Because astrology puts the power firmly in your own hands, it helps you to think and act positively and constructively, whatever the situation you may be facing. So don’t let those worries about the future of your relationship get you down. Fortunately there’s a lot you can do about them – and astrology really can help!


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