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Libra - Taurus Love Compatibility



What are the chances of success of a Libra-Taurus love match? How compatible are Libra and Taurus emotionally and sexually – and what are their relationship strengths and challenges?

As far as love compatibility is concerned, some people see this as one of the more challenging Sun Sign combinations, with one sign – Libra – belonging to the element of Air and the other – Taurus – belonging to the conflicting element of Earth. In reality though, it’s not necessarily as difficult as it might initially appear!

True, a fundamentally different approach to life – highly practical and self-contained in the case of Taurus – much more intellectual and people-oriented in the case of Libra – can give rise to some disagreements. Libra's constant weighing and balancing can be a source of irritation to the strong and silent Bull who never has a problem in making its mind up; in turn, Libra's compulsive need to talk things through can be frustrated by Taurus's uncommunicativeness.

But Libra and Taurus also have quite a lot in common. Both being ruled by Venus, they're linked by their shared love of beauty, harmony and creature comforts. In each other's company they have the ability to enjoy life to the full: from Taurus, Libra can learn to get in touch with its earthier, more sensual side, while Libra can teach Taurus to look beyond the physical and appreciate things from a loftier perspective.
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There’s an innate gentleness and softness about Libra and Taurus which makes for a sweet and harmonious emotional interaction. Due to their joint rulership by Venus, the planet of love, both signs are very affectionate by nature and both hate any kind of discord or unpleasantness, preferring to put up with just about anything rather than risk an ugly confrontation. As a result serious emotional issues may be covered up because Libra is too polite and Taurus too placid and stoical to broach them.

More honesty on the part of Libra and more emotional responsiveness on the part of Taurus will help to avoid minor differences building into something more major. In general, however, Taurus and Libra enjoy a high level of emotional compatibility.


Sexually, Libra and Taurus are often particularly well matched, both being into the giving and receiving of pleasure and both being intensely romantic.

Okay, so Libra's indecisiveness can be a bit unsettling for Taurus, who is always looking for maximum security. In turn, Taurus's fixity and possessiveness can sometimes be a bit of an issue for Libra who likes to retain its social freedom. But given the strong feeling of affection between these two signs, these things are unlikely to be a problem, sexually speaking.


The only real compatibility challenge in a Libra-Taurus relationship is that Taurus could, at the end of the day, be a little too earthy and prosaic for sophisticated Libra.

Earth Sign Taurus is basically a ‘do-er’ who likes getting on with practical things and isn’t particularly interested in company or conversation. Air Sign Libra is highly cultured, can be a bit work-shy, and loves talking to friends for hours and hours. Despite these contrasts, Libra and Taurus are amazingly tolerant of one another and if Libra thinks up the ideas and Taurus puts them into action, they can work well together as a team.


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