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June 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


On 16th June Neptune goes Retrograde – an event that has an important bearing on our relationships since Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus (the planet of love and romance).

In astrology Neptune rules our ideals and its position in our birth chart defines the areas of life where we strive to manifest our highest spiritual goals. Where love is concerned, it serves to shape our understanding of what constitutes the perfect relationship.

When retrograding, Neptune encourages us to focus on reassessing our romantic aspirations. Where our hopes and dreams are a little off the mark, it helps us to reformulate what we want (and don’t want) for our future.

Neptune Retrogrades offer us the chance to work on internally processing the feelings of disillusionment which follow on from the realization that our ideals have been misplaced or mistaken.

They’re important times for recovering from the emotional pain of past disappointments. They’re also about deciding which of our dreams are still realistic and viable and which ones are fit only for the garbage dump.

We should look to the House position of retrograding Neptune – preferably in our Natal Chart, or failing this in our Solar Chart – to see which aspects of our relationships require our immediate attention.

Because Neptune doesn’t turn Direct again until the end of November, we have five whole months to make a potentially miraculously shift in our love lives. Let’s not forget that because Neptune is currently in its own sign, Pisces, its intrinsic qualities of inspiration and spirituality are greatly intensified, giving us an opportunity to create our own little bit of ‘heaven on earth’.

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