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Pisces 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Pisces 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

Since both of your ruling planets – Jupiter and Neptune – are involved in difficult configurations with ‘Stern Teacher’ Saturn in 2016, there will undoubtedly be a few interesting lessons that need to be learned this year, Pisces. And you’re going to have to be uncharacteristically disciplined with yourself to keep your relationships in good shape!

The big Jupiter-Saturn Squares, occurring on March 23rd (also the day of a powerful Eclipse) and again in the week starting May 23rd, are going to make it particularly hard for making any kind of decisions, especially those involving critical choices between whether to move forward or whether to stay put.

Torn between feelings of positivity and optimism on the one hand, and a sense of cautious wariness on the other hand, your love life could easily get stuck on hold, unless you can find a workable middle-of-the-road solution to your romantic dilemmas.

As a mutable sign, decisiveness has probably never been your strong point, Pisces! But in 2016 it becomes critically important for you to learn to stop constantly doubting the soundness of your relationship choices. This is all the more the case since Saturn’s Squares to Neptune, around 18th June and 10th September, are sparking a dual pattern of fear and confusion that makes decision-making even harder than ever before!

Unless you’re careful to stay strongly grounded in yourself, your self-confidence could hit a low during these periods, filling you with irrational feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression – all those self-destructive emotions you’re only too familiar with, Pisces.

However, it certainly doesn’t have to be that way for you in 2016, Pisces! Get a firm grip on your fears and worries by taking a leaf out of the book of your opposite sign – Virgo – and adopting a more practical, coolly analytical approach to the issues facing you in your love life.

If you have any Virgos in your life, turn them to now for down to earth help and advice, Pisces. Although their all-seeing eye may irritate the hell out of you at times, this year you need their straight-to-the-point insights like never before!

Pisces 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

If you’re single and on the look-out for someone special, any problems you may have in finding a suitable lover in 2016 are less about lack of opportunities and more to do with your notoriously high standards, Pisces!

Because you idealize love and have a very beautiful, romantic vision of what love can be, you hold demandingly high expectations of all your love affairs. However, if you start off by viewing your lover through rose-tinted glasses, you will invariably go through a process of painful disillusionment when you finally come to see them for the ordinary mortal they really are!

Being such a big romantic fantasist also makes you prone to falling in love with unattainable people or imagining that someone is attracted to you when in reality they are not. As a result you’re more likely to suffer the pain of unrequited love than just about any other Star Sign.

Settling for a more normal, perhaps even rather mundane, relationship can be very difficult for you, Pisces. Yet it is probably the only realistic answer to finding emotional peace and contentment in 2016.

Try re-assessing your romantic aspirations during the period between 13th June and 20th November when Neptune, your ruling planet and the planet of ideals, is Retrograding in your Me Sector. Make a careful list of all the types of people and situations in your love life that have caused you heartbreak in the past, and resolve to give them a wide berth from now on!

Better still, why not drop all of your expectations entirely and allow your Guardian Angel to guide you to your true Dream Lover, who may actually be very different indeed to how you imagined they would be!

Pisces 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in your Partnerships Sector until the 9th September, holds out the promise of a lot of happiness in your one-on-one relationships in 2016. But what exactly does a ‘happy’ partnership mean to you, Pisces?

Because of your generously unselfish nature, making your partner happy can often take precedence over having your own desires fulfilled in your relationships and conducting your love life on your own terms.

As the very last Sign of the Zodiac, there’s a deeply humble side to you, dear Pisces, that can make you reluctant to accept others’ gifts and favors because you don’t believe you truly deserve them. As a result you can find yourself doing most of the giving in your close relationships and – if your partner is more of a ‘taker’ – end up making a doormat of yourself.

What you need to know, however, is that this year Jupiter is ready and waiting to bring you some very good karma! Blessings you have previously earned through your past good deeds in your one-on-one relationships are due to be repaid to you in 2016!

Please don’t end up rejecting these fabulous cosmic opportunities due to misplaced feelings of personal unworthiness – which are particularly powerful in you now, Pisces, as Saturn squares up to your ruler Neptune. Because Jupiter won’t return to the same position in your Solar Chart for another twelve years or so, it may be a long time before your partnership prospects are quite as rosy as they are in 2016.

Pisces 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

The theme of blessings from the heavens in your intimate relationships continues when Jupiter leaves your Partnerships Sector on 9th September 2016 and enters your Solar Eighth House. Once again, Pisces, you have the choice as to whether to gratefully accept these, or to push them away.

The Eighth House rules the assets we share with our partner on a material, emotional and spiritual level. Its challenges involve both people trusting one another sufficiently to allow the other full access to their personal resources in an ongoing process of mutual give and take.

When Jupiter is transiting through your Eighth House, in theory it should be your partner who’s now doing most of the giving, while you’re on the receiving end. During 2016 there are some very special opportunities for ‘gift from the blue’ financial windfalls from a sexual partner, particularly around the times of the Lunar Eclipse on 23rd March and the Jupiter/Uranus opposition on 26th December. Don’t allow anything to stand in their way!

Pisces 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

Wherever Pluto, the ‘power’ planet, is positioned in our Solar Chart, we’re more at risk of finding ourselves involved in other people’s power games. In your case, Pisces, Pluto is parked in your Friendships and Networking Sector for the foreseeable future, which raises the delicate question as to whether some of your friends are behaving rather controllingly towards you in 2016.

With the major Jupiter-Pluto Square in late November spanning your Solar Eighth and Eleventh Houses, it could be that a friend has become jealous of a new sexual partner in your life and wants to reclaim your affection all for themselves. Alternatively, you may have been a little overly generous to a particular friend with your sympathy and/or your money, and now they’re trying to play on your goodwill.

In either case, your best weapon is simply to turn the tables on these controlling individuals and be equally manipulative in return. When up against the wall, Pisces, you’re capable of doing a very good ‘poor me’ routine to win others’ sympathy and get your own way!

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