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Libra 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Libra 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

There are two clearly defined parts to your Love Horoscope Forecast for 2016, Libra! Until the end of the first week of September, Jupiter (the planet of growth and expansion) is resident in the area of your Solar Chart that rules your subconscious mind. Then, for the rest of 2016, it moves into your Me Sector, strengthening your personal confidence and willingness to proudly show the world what you really want!

During the first part of the year your intuition and psychic faculties get a big boost, Libra, giving you an uncanny ability to see right through people and situations and sense what is really going on. You may find that your dreams and meditations are much more vivid and insightful, alerting you on a subconscious level to exactly what you need to say and do in every scenario, to protect your personal safety and wellbeing.

However, the simultaneous presence of Saturn (the planet of fear) in your Communications Sector can make it hard for you to follow through on many of these helpful inner promptings, since you’re secretly afraid of ‘saying the wrong thing’ and upsetting people if you speak your truth.

Ignore your intuition at your peril in 2016, Libra! A challenging Square between Saturn and Neptune spanning your Solar 3rd and 6th Houses confirms that holding back things you know in your heart really need to be said can be undermining to your health and happiness. It also makes coming to decisions even more difficult than usual right now!

If you’re longing to say those magic words ‘I love you’ to someone special, take a deep breath and go ahead this year. On the other hand, if your inner guidance is telling you loud and clear that a relationship is going nowhere, for everyone’s sake you have to summon the courage to tell your lover it’s time to call it quits.

Reaching, and decisively acting on, these major insights without too much dithering and prevarication, becomes much easier after Jupiter enters your Star Sign, Libra, on September 9th 2016. This gives you the necessary optimism and self-belief to start basing your life choices on what is truly right for you, rather than worrying about how they will affect everyone else.

Libra 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

As one of the most gifted flirts in the Zodiac, with a real penchant for attracting and shmoozing potential lovers, you’ll be delighted to learn there are plenty of romantic opportunities showing up in your 2016 Love Horoscope, Libra – starting on New Years Day!

With Mercury, the planet of love chat, entering your Romance Sector on 1st January 2016, all those New Year parties promise to be great fun, this year, Libra. So try to get to as many of them as you can! But before you start giving someone false ideas you’re romantically interested in them, take a quick reality check.

Do you really want to begin 2016 with the unwanted complication of yet another drooling admirer you’re not sexually attracted to? Use your irresistible charm with extra caution this New Year!

New Year celebrations aside, the best of 2016’s romantic opportunities cluster around the end-of-year Holiday Season, when Mars, the planet of passion, enters your Love Affairs Sector on 8th November, followed by Venus, the planet of love on December 7th.

The times when Venus and Mars buddy up together in your Solar 5th House are when
you tend to enjoy the most romantic attention – whether or not it is welcome! These love opportunities don’t occur all that often, Libra, so don’t waste them now by playing romantic games with all the wrong people. Pay careful attention to those inner promptings, Libra, and let your intuition guide you to your true soul mate!

Libra 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a steady relationship, Libra, it probably means a great deal to you and you’re normally quite careful to avoid rocking the boat. However, with Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, resident in your Solar Seventh House for the next couple of years or so, it’s hard to avoid ongoing ups and downs in your partnership, no matter how much you try to sweep contentious issues under the rug.

Reconciling your natural inclination towards commitment and fidelity with a growing desire for more independence and experimentation may be creating a few waves in your love life, Libra, during the course of 2016. While you may still be madly in love with your Significant Other, and have absolutely no intention of leaving them, you may frequently find yourself wondering what life might be like with an entirely different kind of partner.

Alternatively, the momentum toward change in your marriage or partnership may come not from you, but from your ‘Better Half’. Be ready to offer your partner a little more in the way of personal space and freedom, if they ask for it in 2016. If your partnership has become rather uninspiring or suffocating, rest assured that Uranus will arrange for it to get shaken up a bit.

Be especially alert during the last week of December, Libra! Shortly after forming an explosive opposition to Jupiter, Uranus goes Direct in your Partnerships Sector, setting the scene for some game-changing developments in your love life. Be careful to avoid knee-jerk reactions around this time – the traditional Holidays break-up season!

Libra 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

In terms of what you’re looking for in your sex life, Libra, you may have a lot of soul searching to do in 2016. Crucially, if the balance of sexual power between yourself and your lover is badly out of sync, you’re going to be feeling very discontented and sorry for yourself.

As a Libran, maintaining equilibrium in your close relationships, with neither person in a substantially stronger position than the other, is very important to you. If your partner holds too much sway over you – either emotionally or financially – and is using this to manipulate you to their own ends – there’s a risk your relationship will sooner or later break down.

The main period in 2016 when you’ll have to think carefully about these power issues, and what action if any you need to take about them, focuses on Mercury’s Occultation of the Sun in Taurus on 9th May. This unusual astronomical event offers you the opportunity to make some important breakthroughs in understanding the values that matter most to you in life, and how these play out in your intimate relationships.

No matter how hot your sex life may be, nor how much financial good fortune your lover has brought you, if the big Libra must-haves of equality and fairness are missing from your relationship, it’s unlikely to have long-term staying power.

Libra 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

Look to the ‘Leo Season’ for your best networking opportunities this year, Libra! Through July 2016, as Venus, then Mercury, and finally the Sun, move into your Friendships Sector, it’s time for you to start strutting your stuff and making some important new social connections.

July 2016 is a fantastic month for all Librans to be throwing or attending parties, both on-line and in the real world! Hanging out in a big group – whether in a Social Media chat room or at entertainment venues in your local community – is the best way to find special friends who could become very important to you in the near future.

Look out for a scintillating Trine aspect between Venus (the planet of love) and Uranus (the planet of the unusual) spanning your Solar 11th and 7th Houses on July 31st. This could be a big day for forming an exciting new friendship with the potential to become one of the most extraordinary best-buddy relationships in your life!

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