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Aquarius 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Aquarius 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

Aquarius, the not-so-good news is that your 2016 Love Horoscope is dominated by some fairly tough transits. You’re not alone though, as everyone else is facing them too, and the good news is you’re better placed than just about any other Star Sign to deal with them in a balanced and rational way.

When Saturn (the planet of limitation) squares Jupiter ( the planet of expansion) – as it does twice in 2016 on March 23rd (also the day of a powerful Eclipse) and again in the week starting May 23rd – making any kind of decisions, especially those relating to our relationships, starts to get very difficult indeed.

Torn between feelings of positivity and optimism on the one hand, and a sense of cautious wariness on the other hand, our love lives can easily get stuck on hold, unless we can find the right balance between our urge to move forwards, and our reluctance to leave our comfort zone.

Fortunately, Aquarius, you’re ideally positioned to achieve the perfect equilibrium! Co-ruled by Uranus, the planet of experimentation, and Saturn, the planet of practical realism, you have the potential now to forge successfully ahead with your goals and aspirations, while fully accepting your limitations and avoiding pushing your luck too far.

Later in 2016, around the periods of 18th June and 10th September, Saturn also squares up ominously with Neptune, the planet of illusion, sparking a dangerous atmosphere of fear and personal confusion.

Be prepared to see people all round you beating themselves up with irrational feelings of anxiety, guilt, and depression, as their self-confidence hits an all-time low. Then give thanks that, as the most logically minded of all the Star Signs, Aquarius, you’re blessed with the necessary common sense to resist these self-destructive thought patterns – and the generosity of spirit to actively help others get a grip on their worries and fears!

Aquarius 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

Before you allow yourself to fall in love, it’s very important to you to have already established a bond of camaraderie with your potential partner. Put another way, you will rarely enter into a love affair (except perhaps for the briefest of one-night-stands) with someone who isn’t already a friend.

That isn’t usually a problem for you, Aquarius, as you tend to make friends so easily and get on so well with people of every different kind. But with Saturn, the planet of responsibility, firmly ensconced in your Friendships Sector, you’re becoming rather more choosy about who you do – and don’t – want to make friends with in 2016. Because you’re more aware of the longer-term ‘karmic’ consequences, you’re taking your choice of companions rather more seriously now.

Inevitably this could have the effect of dramatically cutting down the range of potential new social contacts in your life and – because most of your love affairs tend to develop out of existing friendships – also reduces the number of romantic opportunities open to you this year.

The answer to your dilemma is quite simple, Aquarius. Either you bring down the bar on the high standards others need to reach in order to win your friendship. Or you start relaxing that old rule of yours that you can’t have a lover who isn’t also a good friend. To avoid a dearth of romantic opportunities this year, Aquarius, something has to give!

Aquarius 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

When you’re in a steady partnership, Aquarius, one of your biggest stumbling blocks can be your difficulty in providing your ‘better half’ with enough attention and appreciation to make them feel truly loved and cared for.

As one of the most emotionally detached Star Signs in the Zodiac, personally you’re not really looking for thanks, nor adulation, from your long-term partner. What you often overlook, though, is that not everyone has the same kind of ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ attitude towards love as yourself.

Unless your partner is also an Aquarian, the chances are they sometimes feel short-changed by your somewhat impersonal love style, and although they rarely complain, may wish you would show a little more warmth, empathy and passion than tends to come naturally to you.

Every year throws up potential crisis points in your partnership, usually coinciding with the Aquarius/Leo Full Moons spanning your ‘Me’ and Partnership Sectors. At these times, your relationship comes under threat due to your partner’s increased desire for appreciative feedback, at exactly the same time as your characteristic coolness becomes even more marked.

To avoid trouble in your partnerships during these high-risk periods – in 2016 the periods centering on the 20th January and the 18th August – try getting more in touch with the heart-centered energy of your opposite sign, Leo.

Taking a leaf out of Leo’s book and being more flamboyantly generous with your praise and compliments will work wonders in re-igniting your partner’s love for you. Although ass-kissing may be deeply repugnant to you, Aquarius, you’ll find that old saying, ‘flattery will get you everywhere’ can work just as well for you as everyone else!

Aquarius 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

The headline news is that Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, is parked in your Intimacy Sector until September 9th 2016. In principle this could mean lots of sex on the agenda for you this year, Aquarius. However, because Jupiter is also in that ultra-picky sign, Virgo, the amount of sex you actually end up having may turn out to be rather less than you might otherwise have expected!

With Jupiter in Virgo, you’re probably going to be much more careful about the kind of lovers you invite into your bed in 2016. Physical attraction alone is no longer enough now. Especially if you’ve been rather sexually undiscriminating in the past, you’ll be hesitant about getting intimately involved with people who don’t measure up to your true standards.

Here again, the spotlight falls on Jupiter’s important interplay with Saturn, the planet of karmic responsibility. Because Saturn is currently transiting through Sagittarius (the sign that rules beliefs and values) it’s going to be much more important to you now that potential lovers should share the same kind of political and/or spiritual outlook on life as yourself.

When expansive Jupiter squares up to cautious Saturn in March, and again in May 2016, you’ll need to make a balanced decision as to whether it’s wise to push ahead with a sexual relationship, or whether it’s safer to back out. Trust your intuition, Aquarius, at these times – it won’t let you down.

Aquarius 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

As someone blessed with outstanding networking skills, who has probably enjoyed a lot of social popularity all your life, you’re not used to having to work hard on your friendships, Aquarius.

But with Saturn, the planet of limitation, still resident in your Solar Eleventh House, you may find you need to put in a lot more effort than you have in the past in order to keep your social life in good shape.

Friends you have come to rely on, or even started to take a little for granted, may be disappearing from your life now or becoming more distant, either physically or emotionally. Okay, that’s not necessarily a big deal for you, Aquarius, as your inborn detachment makes it relatively easy for you to let go.

But if you neglect the need to replace or re-activate the friendships you may be losing now, there’s a possibility you could start to feel rather isolated, or even slightly lonely, perhaps for the very first time!

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