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'Who Are You Really Dating?' - Justin Timberlake

Who's the Real Justin?

However he may appear on first impressions, deep down Justin is a very independent person who determinedly goes about life in his own sweet way with little regard for standard conventions. Liberal and forward-thinking in his outlook, with his Sun in progressive Aquarius he longs for a perfect world based on greater fairness and equality. Yet for all his idealism, at the same time he tends to be amazingly acceptant and non-judgmental of others' shortcomings and imperfections.

He delights in people and things a little bit different from the norm and collects friends and acquaintances of every conceivable type and persuasion. This is a real 'people person' who loves company and can get on with just about anyone. But curiously, there's always a side to him that remains quite impersonal and detached. Certainly, you're unlikely to find it easy ever to get really close to him.

A big part of his eternal fascination is his ability to constantly re-invent himself and show you a new and more interesting aspect of himself you'd never spotted before. Not so appealing, however, is his inborn rebelliousness and the pleasure he seems to take in disagreeing with you simply for the sake of disagreeing. Because he changes so frequently and so erratically, at the end of the day knowing for sure who's the 'real Justin' can be very hard indeed!

What He Really Wants!

A burning desire for independence of action and a somewhat unorthodox outlook mean that all this guy really wants in life is to be allowed to do his own thing! Born with a healthy contempt for authority, he may have a problem with following orders or going along with the herd.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. However accommodating he may appear, when pushed in a direction he doesn’t want to take, he’ll stubbornly rebel against any attempt to boss him around. With Mars in perverse Aquarius, he may even be prone to taking the opposite course of action simply to make a point. Nothing makes him angrier than being forced into something he considers stupid, backward-thinking or a waste of his precious time.

A bit of a revolutionary at heart, he loves to kick against tradition, always preferring the progressive approach. Sexually too, he’s open-minded, enjoys experimentation and tends to go for maximum controversial effect. Perhaps a little too take-it-or-leave-it for some - but then, he’s probably just ahead of his time!

What He's Really Thinking!  

This of course is the big mystery! A compulsive daydreamer with a mind that constantly wanders from one topic to another, it may be difficult for him to concentrate long enough to formulate a definite opinion. No surprise, then, that his communication is often somewhat garbled.

Renowned for his vagueness and tendency to go off on endless tangents, this isn’t the kind of person to readily give a straight answer. Certainly, with Mercury in Pisces, he’s never afraid to withhold the truth when necessary to avoid being pinned down. Not that he’s dishonest or intentionally sets out to mislead people. It’s just that his rich imagination sometimes makes it hard for him to differentiate fact from fiction.

Mildly telepathic, with an ability to sense in to the 'feel' of his surroundings, his opinions are formed less by logical reasoning than through intuitive hunches - which of course can be totally wrong at times. Maybe it’s safer never to take what he says too literally. It's the only way to avoid some fairly major misunderstandings!

What He's Really Like to Live With!

If this guy isn’t around as much as some people might hope for, at least he’ll never get under their feet! However important his home may be to him, he’s not really the stay-at-home type – and no matter how devoted he is to his partner, his Sagittarian Moon always needs plenty of space.

Generally happiest when he’s on the move, he hates to feel hemmed in. For this reason he’s uncomfortable with a fixed domestic routine and too many rules and restrictions. He likes to know he can get away if and when he needs to. Though that said, he’s unlikely to behave dishonorably or deliberately do the 'wrong thing'.

With his high moral standards, he likes to be frank and open - although he may not always achieve this. A fear of finding himself emotionally tied down makes it hard for him to talk about feelings in much depth or with much sensitivity. He prefers to keep things on a bright and breezy note and doesn’t do heavy stuff!  

The most irritating thing about him? His chronic restlessness.
The most lovable? His nobility of spirit.

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