Scorpio 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



The cosmic stage is all set for a star performance by you in 2018, Scorpio! So here’s what you need to know to get the very best out of the coming year.

The really good news for all Scorpios is that lucky Jupiter is resident in your Star Sign right through until the start of November, bringing all kinds of love opportunities your way. Jupiter’s expansive energy also serves to massively boost your personal confidence this year, which makes it a lot easier for you to take advantage of what’s available in the belief that success can readily be yours.

More romantic openings are on offer to you courtesy of Uranus (the planet of change and experimentation) which enters your Partnerships Sector from the middle of May 2018. Uranus in this area of your Solar Chart stirs up your longing to experience something entirely new and different in your love life, while emboldening you to let go of the old. There’s no excuse in 2018 for staying in that boring old rut!

So, Scorpio, if you’re looking for an exhilarating new sexual relationship, or would like to inject a new spark of life into an existing one, there’s nothing to prevent you from writing a thrilling new script for your love life. Just keep in mind the following all-important universal laws.

This year, to unlock Jupiter’s unlimited abundance, it’s vital to focus on thinking positively and believing wholeheartedly that true love and happiness really can come your way. Remember that doubting yourself, and being pessimistic about what destiny holds in store for you, weakens Jupiter’s bountiful energy and blocks the cosmic gifts and blessings that are rightfully yours.

At the same time, to attract the right kind of relationship and/or lover, be sure to formulate a clear intention and consciously ask the Universe to send you what you desire (or something even better). It’s a Universal Law that if you don’t ask (and preferably several times), then you won’t receive!

Also, because achieving clarity about what you want from love is so critically important to actually getting it, before formulating your intention do spend a little time reassessing your romantic goals, Scorpio, for 2018.

Neptune, the planet of ideals, in your Love Affairs Sector, can be very useful to you in this respect, helping you to decide which of your old hopes and dreams are still valid and meaningful and which now need to be discarded.

Take advantage of Neptune’s Retrograde Motion from mid June to the end of November 2018 to take a more realistic look at your love life. It will be much harder to delude yourself and make the wrong call at this time.

Finally, Scorpio, while it’s true that your emotional hold over others will be much stronger now Jupiter is in your Star Sign, don’t commit the cardinal error of over-playing your ‘power card’. Here’s the sting in the tail of Jupiter in Scorpio: Push your luck too far and become over-controlling, and you could find all the wonderful things you’ve been given start to disappear!