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Scorpio 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Scorpio 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

You’ve always been famous for your amazing ‘bullshit antennae’, Scorpio, and your shrewd insights into what’s really going on in your relationships. But now, with expansive Jupiter in your Solar 12th House boosting your sense of ‘inner knowing’, nothing and no-one that can escape your all-seeing eye.

Because you prefer to play your cards close to your chest, your penetrating insights often remain unspoken. But in 2017, as Jupiter squares up to Pluto, the planet of compulsion, the urge to speak out on the basis of your inner promptings will become increasingly hard to resist.

From the end of March until the end of August, you may find yourself saying what you think much more often, and in a much more hard-hitting way. When you know others are in the wrong, Scorpio, sparing their feelings has never been your top priority. But because this year you may fail to realize the sheer force behind your words – and their destructive potential – unless you’re careful, you risk badly hurting someone close to you in a way you would never deliberately choose to do.

Scorpio 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

If you’re hoping to find your dream lover this year, Scorpio, a powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces in your Romance Sector could usher in a magical new relationship that literally sweeps you off your feet. But make sure you also keep your wits about you, or you could end up crashing down to earth with a horrible thud!

This important Eclipse, which occurs on 26th February, is particularly meaningful since it falls within orb of a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of idealistic love, currently transiting through your Love Affairs Sector. But bear in mind that while Neptune in this part of your horoscope can make you euphorically happy, it can just as easily dash all your hopes and dreams.

Not for nothing is Neptune known as ‘the Great Deceiver’. When this planet is activated in our horoscope, it’s so hard to avoid deluding ourselves in love – yes, even for a street-wise, all-seeing Scorpio like you!

So for sure, go ahead and follow your heart’s deepest desires and yearnings. But at the same time, make full use of the heightened psychic awareness you are currently blessed with to cut through the lies, pretence and total baloney would-be lovers are trying to beguile you with. Then, when you have successfully stripped away all the falsehoods and illusions, you can be certain that what – and who – you’re finally left with will represent your one and only true love.

Scorpio 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

New Moons are all about beginning anew, and when a New Moon falls in your Partnerships Sector it offers you the opportunity to put a love relationship onto a more permanent or formalized footing for the first time. When we take a love affair onto the ‘next stage’ in this way, there’s a chance to set new intentions and goals for our relationship which we aim to put into practice over the coming months and years.

In contrast, Full Moons in your Partnerships Sector are a time for taking stock of where you’re currently ‘at’ in your relationship, for assessing what’s working and what’s not, and deciding what needs to be ended or changed. Because there’s always a six month interval between New Moons and Full Moons occurring in your Partnerships Sector, this gives you a whole half year to decide whether the aims you initially set for your relationship were the right ones, or whether they now need to be re-defined.

In 2017 you’ll be thinking carefully, Scorpio, about what you want out of your partnership between the New Moon on 26th April and the Full Moon on November 4th. If you feel so inclined, take advantage of the New Moon to make a new kind of commitment to your lover, perhaps by formulating marriage plans, or re-affirming your vows.

But be ready, too, at the time of the Full Moon, to renege on those commitments if they have proven to be mistaken or unviable. Nothing will be set in stone until the Full Moon has passed without incident and all is still well in your relationship. Only then will you know that you have made the right choice.
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Scorpio 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Last, but definitely not least, let’s focus on the important progression of Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and abundance, into your own Star Sign, Scorpio, on the 10th October 2017. This marks the start of a full year of super-charged libido when your sex drive – and with it your creative energy – are going to be stronger than they have ever been in the last twelve years (the last time when Jupiter was in Scorpio).

How you choose to use this heightened sexual drive is critical in determining how much true fulfillment it will bring into your life. For sure, there will be many more opportunities for new intimate liaisons and the chance to enjoy a lot more sex! But the more of your sexual energy you are also able to conserve, the more is available to you to channel into major new creative endeavors, which could prove extraordinarily successful at this time.

As a Scorpio, you’re rarely afraid to ‘plumb the depths’ in search of new experiences and knowledge. Now Jupiter is giving you the confidence and enthusiasm to explore all aspects of your sexuality on a level you may never have done before.

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