Libra 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



2018 should be a fabulously exciting time for you Libra – provided the prospect of change and experimentation is attractive to you right now!

Right through the coming year, Uranus, the planet of freedom, will be stirring up your desire to try something a little out of the ordinary in your romantic and sexual relationships. Hovering back and forth between the Partnerships and Intimacy Sectors of your Solar Chart, it offers you the chance to investigate different aspects of your sexuality both in new and existing relationships.

This year the ball is in your court, Libra, as to whether or not you choose to act on these exploratory impulses, or whether you feel it’s safer and easier to stick with the status quo. Because your Star Sign is ruled by the symbol of the Balance, you’re usually happiest in the middle ground. So ideally, you’d probably like to introduce a little more excitement into your love life, but without jeopardizing your existing security.

Oftentimes, of course, this is much easier said than done. But this year a harmonious alignment of Uranus (the planet of change) and Saturn (the planet of stability), centered on your Sex and Intimacy Sector, opens up the opportunity of tasting the thrill of the new without completely letting go of the old.

While this beneficial influence is in force from July right through most of November, the key date for you to look out for is 25th August, when a powerful cosmic Grand Trine spanning the Water Houses of your Solar Chart, brings you important psychic insights into the best way forward.

By this point of the year you may also already have experienced the effects of two potentially life altering Eclipses on February 15th and July 27th, impacting on your Solar Love Affairs Sector (most likely to affect you if they also hit off planets in your personalized horoscope). Because Eclipses are all about endings and new beginnings, they often coincide with events that trigger unexpected changes.

Tied in with Uranus’s entry into your Solar Sex and Intimacy Sector, this is another signal that you may need to be prepared for a few ups and downs in your relationships, Libra. But because the overall tone of your 2018 Love Horoscope is essentially so positive, whatever transpires should ultimately turn out to be for the better for you.

Sow the seeds of good karma in 2018 by promoting goodwill and harmony in all your interpersonal contacts, and you’ll find that any romantic changes this year will only serve to add to your happiness, without taking away any of the good things you already have.