Aquarius 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



We know just how much your friendships mean to you, Aquarius. For you, they’re not just the source of good company, but also the starting point for many of your most successful love affairs. So we can well imagine how Saturn, the planet of limitation, parked in your Social Sector for the last two and a half years, may have been seriously cramping your style.

The good news this year, both for your friendships and by association also your love life, is that restrictive Saturn has now packed its bags and moved out of the area of your Solar Chart that rules your friendships!

What this means in real terms is that any difficulties you have been experiencing in forming or sustaining valuable friendships are now coming to an end. Henceforth you will enjoy a much wider and richer supply of social contacts – from which a more interesting choice of romantic relationships have the potential to develop and grow.

Important dates for 2018 when an apparently platonic relationship could suddenly reveal its true sexual and/or romantic nature center around the two Eclipses on 31st January and 11th August.

Expect the Lunar Eclipse on 31st January to most likely work its magic on a longstanding existing friendship, which may come to an end in its current guise before taking on a new, more romantically committed form.

In contrast, the Solar Eclipse on 11th August could bring you the gift of a totally new relationship in the form of someone you meet for the first time in a fairly run-of-the-mill group setting, but who quickly turns out to be actually very special indeed.

Watch out for those tell-tale goose bumps, Aquarius, over the Summer of 2018! If your heart starts fluttering and the top of your head begins to tingle, it means your Higher Self is trying to let you know that this is an important moment.

This year, make a point of working really hard at developing your intuition and listening out for your ‘still small voice within’, Aquarius. That way you'll make the most of an abundance of powerful inspirational flashes that can potentially come your way in 2018.

Provided you put in the effort, Saturn, now in your Subconscious Sector (yes, it had to go somewhere!), will be helping you to build a permanent hot-line to your Higher Self through which you can access the right guidance any place, any time.

Make sure your intuition is in good shape in time for the entry of Jupiter (the planet of abundance) into your Social Sector at the start of November. Towards the end of the year you may find yourself flooded with a profusion of relationship opportunities and you’ll need your psychic antennae to be working well to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff!