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'Your Personal Love Profile' for Jennifer Aniston

The one piece of astrological information most people know about themselves is their Sun Sign and in your case of course it's AQUARIUS. Ruled by Uranus, this is the most unconventional sign of the Zodiac (and some might say the wackiest!). It's also the Fixed Air sign, which means you're likely to be an essentially rational kind of person with a great deal of persistence – yet at the same time a certain resistance to change. 

With your Sun in Aquarius, you are a freedom-loving, strong-willed, and independent-minded individual. In personal relationships you cannot be owned or possessed, and while you are willing to share yourself with another, you do not always adjust easily to the emotional give and take of a close partnership. More impersonal, group-based or networking relationships are often equally, if not more, important to you than intimate one-on-one relationships, and even if you settle down or marry, you will always want an active social life in your own right. You do best with a partner who is your intellectual equal and is willing to respect your need for personal independence.

Your Sun Sign isn't the whole story though. Certainly it's important in that it says quite a lot about your general approach to life and love. However, a number of other astrological factors – including your Rising Sign and Moon Sign, as well as your Mars, Mercury and Venus Signs – will determine just how typical or not you are of your Sun Sign. For this reason, in order to understand how you relate to others, and how they tend to see you, it's necessary to look at your full birth chart. Read on for a summary of our findings!
First Impressions:

First impressions are important, so how do you come across in those critical first few minutes when a person you’ve just met makes up their mind about you? Well, probably as someone quite sociable and outgoing – as one might expect of a typical Aquarian! If your birth time is accurate, while your Sun Sign is Aquarius, your Rising Sign is Libra. This means that, no matter what is going on inside you, the face you tend to present to the world is a friendly and congenial one.

With Libra rising in your Birth Chart, you are seen by others as an agreeable, smooth, harmonious, and ‘nice’ person (although in reality of course there is much more to you than this!). Blessed with good looks and easy charm, you readily attract friends and lovers. Because of your need for approval and acceptance, you very much want to be liked and will go to great lengths to try to make a good impression. In fact you so much want to please others that often you will suppress your own intense or unpleasant feelings in order not to offend them. While many will appreciate your politeness, a few may interpret it as being slightly phony or wishy-washy.

How You Attract Others Towards You:

An inborn quality of yours which strongly attracts others towards you is your immense courage and fortitude, which enables you to take on, and succeed in, the kind of challenges that many people would consider totally beyond them. With Mars in Scorpio, there's a certain powerfulness about you – a sense you're someone with the determination always to get what you want in life – that gives you a special charisma and commands a lot of respect.

With this Mars placement, you are exceptionally strong-willed, and you pursue the object of your desire with a passionate dedication, sometimes bordering on obsession. Irresistibly attracted by the lure of the unknown, forbidden and dangerous, you enjoy pushing boundaries, and breaking through sexual taboos can be a big turn-on for you. Of all the Mars signs, yours is likely to possess the strongest sex drive, with a compulsive fascination with sexuality in all its various manifestations.

Why You're Good to Talk to:

What makes you good to talk to is your open-mindedness and objectivity which give people the sense that they can broach any subject with you and just about nothing would shock you. Because you have such a logical and original mind – all down to your Mercury in Aquarius strongly aspected by Uranus! – you're a clever and witty conversationalist with lots of unusual and interesting ideas. You're also unafraid to say what you really think, however controversial or outrageous, which is something many people are likely to particularly appreciate about you.

Because you prefer discussing ideas rather than feelings and other non-factual considerations, at an intimate level you can sometimes seem rather overly cerebral and aloof. You can also be quite perverse and uncompromising at times, constantly disagreeing with others’ opinions simply for the fun of stirring up controversy. With this Mercury configuration, at your worst you could be seen as an off-the-wall eccentric. At your best, you may be hailed as an unrecognized genius with an extraordinary talent for thinking 'outside the box'!

The Most Endearing Thing About You:

One of the most endearing things about you – linked to your Sagittarius Moon sign – is your positive, philosophical outlook on life, which enables you always to look on the bright side. With your strong need for emotional freedom – and reluctance to engage in 'heavy' emotional issues – you're quick to throw off negative feelings and are not the type to harbor grudges. But at the same time you are often uncomfortable with, and somewhat insensitive to, other people's problems and pain. 

Paradoxically, it is staying on the move, both literally and figuratively, that gives you your greatest sense of emotional security. Because a steady domestic routine may actually be quite repugnant to you, you do best with the kind of partner who allows you plenty of freedom and mobility.

Your Strong Point in Relationships:

But perhaps your strongest point in relationships lies in your directness and assertiveness where love is concerned. With Venus in Aries, when you're attracted to someone, you're not afraid to make the first move; equally you know how to take the initiative to break off a liaison, should it need to be brought to an end. Indeed, in most of your contacts with others you tend to be the main driving force and the one who normally takes charge. Whatever others may think, you're definitely not the type of person to allow anyone to push you around! Your strong need for freedom makes you quite resistant to being tied down, and in some people's opinion, a little fearful of commitment. 

At the same time, the influence of Uranus on your Venus gives you a willingness to experiment with relationships that are somewhat different from the norm and means you may find yourself attracted to some very unusual types of partners. Certainly, you have a tendency to fall in love very easily and quickly. Yet you can also fall out of love just as suddenly, as you soon tire of situations which become rather suffocating or lose their sense of fun. Clearly all of this could make for a bit of instability at times, but that might be a small price to pay for the ongoing excitement which is a major feature of your love life.

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