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'Personalized Dating Tips' - for Jessica Biel about Justin Timberlake

Six Things You Need to Know If You're Dating Justin!

• The surprising truth about Justin is that if you just want a casual fling, then he's possibly the wrong person. He'll be turned off if you come across as shallow, superficial or half-hearted - to him, a relationship has to be all or nothing!

• To score points with him, the best approach is to appear sensible and mature, and if you're older than him that's great. He has a lot of respect for age, experience and wisdom. On the other hand he hasn't much time for losers, so try to give the impression of knowing exactly where you're going in life - and if you're broke do something about it fast!

• What's important to understand is that social propriety means a lot to him. If you make him look stupid, give him reason to feel ashamed of you or cause him any kind of embarrassment, he may find it difficult to forgive you.

• On dates it's a good move to go somewhere swanky and prestigious. He hates slumming it and you'll definitely score points by taking him to all the right places and introducing him to all the right people. There's an upwardly mobile side to Justin and if he dumps you in the early days, it's probably because something better has come along. Avoid this happening by staying one step ahead of the competition.

• The good news though is that once he's made a binding commitment he's generally prepared to stick with it. In the long term he could actually prove to be one of the loyalest guys you're ever going to meet. This is someone who gives of himself completely in love - and he'll expect you to do the same.

• Because deep down he's a little insecure, jealousy can be a problem for him. At times he can be rather controlling, and letting go is something he finds hard to do. Deal with this by standing up to him right from the start and being careful not to let him manipulate you in any way.

[Justin's Venus in Capricorn in challenging aspect with Pluto]


DON'T come across as an irritating smartass by rubbishing Justin's opinions, trying to prove you're cleverer than him or deliberately making outrageous and controversial statements simply for effect.

DO resist the urge to contradict Justin or argue with him, and show some respect for what he has to say. Putting him down will make him feel he's dumb and boring and wreck this relationship's chances of success!

[Your Uranus in challenging aspect to Justin's Mercury]

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