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Celebrity Dream Dates : a Virgo and Josh Groban



Claim to Fame: Classically Inspired Singer/Songwriter.
Born on 27th February 1981 at 4.13 PM in Los Angeles, USA.
Sun Sign: Pisces.

People born under the Sun Sign of PISCES tend to express their affections in a markedly selfless way, sometimes sacrificing their all for those they love, while expecting very little in return. Strongly idealistic by nature, they’re adept at injecting a sense of magic and romance into their relationships. Their greatest pleasures revolve around music, poetry and the arts - in which they’re often personally gifted. Kind, sensitive and giving, they spread a little stardust wherever they go!


Actually fairly compatible!

You may experience quite a high level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Pisces. Your own Sun Sign, which is Virgo, is often a good match for this sign. This is because signs which are opposite each other in the Zodiac, such as Virgo and Pisces, tend to balance one another in a positive way.

As a result, Sun in Pisces’s romanticism and sensitivity can be nicely offset by your rather more level-headed and down-to-earth approach. At the same time you’re likely to possess complementary tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes you enjoy.

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