2 Year Personal Forecast Report

Celebrity Dream Dates : a Taurus and Bjork



Claim to Fame: Icelandic Singer/Recording Artist.
Birth Data: Born on 21st November 1965 at 7.50 AM in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Sun Sign: Scorpio.

People born under the Sun Sign of SCORPIO take a highly passionate approach to love, expressing their affections in a particularly powerful way. Because their feelings run so deep, they tend to give their all to their loved ones, offering them total security and serving as an immense support to them. With their love of intensity, they enjoy emotionally stirring cultural activities – and like the best of quality in everything. Strong, loyal and sexy, they’re everything you could ever need!



Actually fairly compatible!

You may experience quite a high level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Scorpio. Your own Sun Sign, which is Taurus, is often a good match for this sign. This is because signs which are opposite each other in the Zodiac, such as Taurus and Scorpio, tend to balance one another in a positive way.

As a result, Sun in Scorpio's emotional intensity can be nicely offset by your rather more down-to-earth approach. At the same time you’re likely to possess complementary tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes you enjoy.

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