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Celebrity Dream Dates : a Libra and Kate Hudson



Claim to Fame: American Actress.
Birth Data: Born on 19th April 1979 at 10.51 AM in Los Angeles, California, USA .
Sun Sign: Aries.

People born under the Sun Sign of ARIES tend to be highly assertive in their approach to love. Preferring generally to take the initiative, they’re quick to make the first move in starting or ending relationships. Always ready to take a chance, they’re big on spontaneity - yet at the same time very careful never to compromise their freedom. Because they thrive on risk and excitement, they enjoy all kinds of high-adrenalin activities. Passionate and gutsy, these guys will give you a huge energy buzz!


Actually fairly compatible!

You may experience quite a high level of compatibility with people whose Sun Sign is Aries. Your own Sun Sign, which is Libra, is often a good match for this sign. This is because signs which are opposite each other in the Zodiac, such as Aries and Libra, tend to balance one another in a positive way.

As a result, Sun in Aries's assertiveness and directness can be nicely offset by your gentler and rather more diplomatic approach. At the same time you’re likely to possess complementary tastes in terms of the kind of pastimes you enjoy.

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