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'Compatibility Star Ratings' for Jessica Biel with Justin Timberlake

  • Romance
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Friendship
  • Commitment
  • Emotional Empathy
  • Communication
  • Humor and Fun
Sexual Compatibility
Emotional Empathy
Humor and Fun
Challenging! Be prepared for a few issues at some point in this category.
So-So! You may need to work on things a little bit here.
Statistically bang on average in terms of the scores most matches achieve!
Good! Your level of compatibility is well above average.
Hot! Your compatibility should be exceptionally good.
Awesome! Less than 3% of all matches score this high!
Your compatibility with Justin has scored highly in the following categories...

Your sexual compatibility with Justin
There's potentially a strong sense of sexual tension here, symbolized by a sizzling Mars-Sun contact and sparked off by the friendly rivalry likely to exist between you. You seem to have a powerfully stimulating effect on each other's energy drive, which is likely to boost not only your adrenaline levels but also your libido. You could be strongly drawn to Justin by his individuality and broad-mindedness which are qualities you find attractive in a partner. He too may be turned on by your direct, enthusiastic approach and your ability to take the lead. Circumstances permitting, we could be talking about some exciting chemistry!

Potential for commitment in a relationship with Justin
Long-term relationships are all about the ability to function well together on a practical level, and it's possible that this could be your strong point. With a rock-solid link between your Saturn and Justin's Mars, what makes things work so well is the way you're able to balance and complement each other's energy drive. He can boost your confidence, make you bolder and more adventurous, and widen your network of friends and social contacts. You on the other hand have a noticeably grounding effect on him, helping him to use his time and resources more efficiently and encouraging him to translate his novel ideas into reality.

Your emotional empathy with Justin
Thanks to the harmony between your Neptune and Justin's Moon, there's likely to be lots of genuine empathy here, which gives you the ability to really 'feel' for each other. You probably can't bear to see each other unhappy or upset and may find you experience each other's emotional pain as if it were your own. Equally, however, you're able to share in each other's happiness when things are going well. Because you resonate so strongly with each other, you tend to feel emotionally at ease whenever you're together. What's special here is the deeply tranquillizing effect you have on one another, which helps you to escape your cares and worries and achieve a state of relaxation and calm.

Communicating with Justin
There's a dynamic quality to this relationship which can inject a lot of excitement into your everyday communication. With your Mercury resonating with Justin's Mars, you're certainly unlikely ever to be at a loss for words with each other or to find one another boring! The energizing effect you have on each other means you tend to spark off one another's thought processes and keep each other mentally on your toes. It can also lead to some interesting discussions and friendly battles of wits. Yet although you enjoy a bit of competitiveness, with this powerful link between you, together you make an unbeatable intellectual team!
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