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'Relationship Best and Worst Bits' Report for Jessica Biel with Justin Timberlake

What's Best About This Relationship

By far the most interesting thing about this relationship may be its extraordinarily rejuvenating effect and its tendency to bring out your crazy side. In particular, it gives you the chance to throw off some of the inhibitions and self-doubts which you have collected over the years and have been sapping your vitality and joie de vivre. Larking around and enjoying some boisterous fun in each other's company makes both of you feel like kids again.

Since you strengthen each other’s physical energy and stamina, you may both notice a striking increase in your capacity for hard work and exercise, together with a reduction in your usual exertion recovery time. When functioning as a team, you have the ability to get things done twice as fast and twice as well as you can do individually. Because, together, you’re confident that your actions will be effective and successful, they generally are.

You may start to believe that nothing is impossible for you as a couple, and you may be ready to try out things you would have previously considered far too risky or demanding. This new willingness to take a few gambles can make you both a lot more go-ahead, both in your work and your leisure activities, opening you up to opportunities that otherwise would have passed you by. Suddenly life could turn into a fantastic adventure story in which the two of you write your own script – and the sense of excitement this generates may prove to be incredibly exhilarating.

[Justin's Jupiter in harmonious aspect with your Mars]

And What's Worst!

Feeling a little vulnerable is all part and parcel of the process of two people falling in love. What's not so good is if our insecurities start turning one or the other of us into a control freak. When this happens - as it may do here - it spells trouble with a capital T!

Due to the compulsive attraction likely to exist between yourself and Justin, you may have an unusually powerful hold over each other and a deep-seated anxiety about losing each other. Certainly Justin seems to bring out a possessive streak in you, and this could lead you to behave in a manipulative manner in an attempt to keep him by your side. 

Sure, you may know in your heart of hearts that he's much too dependable and responsible a guy ever to deliberately mess you around. But at times your fears whisper something different in your ear - and then you may be unable to stop yourself from playing little power games as a means of asserting your control.

Be aware though, that there's only so much of this kind of stuff that Justin is likely to be willing to tolerate in a partner. The fact is that by coming across as too heavy and demanding, you run the risk of driving him away and - here's the rub - of bringing about the very thing you most want to avoid!

Put things right by being much more allowing and more prepared to accept that whatever will be, will be. Because, ironically, it's only by letting go of the need to hang on to this relationship that you'll give it the best possible chance of succeeding! 

[Your Pluto in challenging aspect to Justin's Venus in Capricorn]

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