Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Compatibility


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Sexual Compatibility
Emotional Empathy
Humor and Fun
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So-So! You may need to work on things a little bit here.
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Hot! Your compatibility should be exceptionally good.
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Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs' compatibility has scored highly in the following categories...

Robert and FKA Twigs' Sexual Compatibility

The basis of this potential sexual attraction is the strong sense of emotional excitement Robert and Twigs may experience when they're together. With a prominent Uranus-Moon contact between their birth charts, they could be aware of a kind of electricity between them that gives them both a terrific buzz. Because they tend to bring out each other's outrageous side, there's likely to be a lot of mutual flirtation and playful teasing. When they're together they have the ability really to be themselves, which should make it exceptionally easy for them to freely express their feelings.

Potential for Commitment in Robert and FKA Twigs' Relationship

It's impossible to guarantee the long-term endurability of any relationship, however good, but this one might have a better than average chance of withstanding the test of time. The instinctive awareness these two have that they could well be kindred spirits - a comforting sense of mutual familiarity that can make them feel they've always known each other - may reflect a strong spiritual link they could both find hard to break.

*Compatibility Star Ratings are based on a sophisticated analysis and comparison of both people's full birth charts, taking into account hundreds of astrological variables of key significance in a love relationship.


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