Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Compatibility


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  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Friendship
  • Commitment
  • Emotional Empathy
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  • Humor and Fun
Sexual Compatibility
Emotional Empathy
Humor and Fun
Challenging! Be prepared for a few issues at some point in this category.
So-So! You may need to work on things a little bit here.
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Good! Your level of compatibility is well above average.
Hot! Your compatibility should be exceptionally good.
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Jennifer and Justin's love compatibility has scored highly in the following categories...

Potential for Romance in Jennifer and Justin's Relationship
There's likely to be something so tender, sweet and deeply sentimental about this mutual attraction that - if other factors fit - it will feel like true romance in the most old-fashioned sense of the word. It's all down to the high level of empathy between these two - symbolized in their birth charts by a beautiful aspect between Jennifer's Venus and Justin's Moon - which could cause them to fall deeply in love. Jennifer may find she's particularly drawn to Justin's high-spirited, passionate approach to life - and the heart-felt affection she may feel for him has a strong chance of being warmly reciprocated.

Friendship Between Jennifer and Justin

What can make this friendship so special is that right from the start both people may have a curious sense of mutual familiarity - a feeling of having known each other throughout eternity, although in reality they have only just met. Jennifer may find that she is are very much at home with Justin's friendly, cooperative, easy-going personality - which probably reminds her of some aspect of herself. And because she makes Justin feel so totally accepted and able to be himself, he's likely to particularly enjoy her company.

Potential for Commitment in Jennifer and Justin's Relationship
At least this much is certain: Because psychologically these two are such a tower of strength to each other, once formed this relationship might prove very hard to end. Justin's confidence and positivity can give Jennifer a sense of completeness and wellbeing - perhaps because these are qualities she has a strong need for in her life. At the same time Justin is likely to greatly value the help Jennifer can give him in achieving his goals more effectively and making his mark on the world. She's someone Justin may feel he can totally rely on - and with a rock-solid link between his Sun and Jennifer's Saturn, it's probably true that he can greatly benefit from her guidance and advice.

*Compatibility Star Ratings are based on a sophisticated analysis and comparison of both people's full birth charts, taking into account hundreds of astrological variables of key significance in a love relationship.


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