Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal Compatibility


  • Romance
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Friendship
  • Commitment
  • Emotional Empathy
  • Communication
  • Humor and Fun
Sexual Compatibility
Emotional Empathy
Humor and Fun
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So-So! You may need to work on things a little bit here.
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Leonardo and Nina's compatibility has scored highly in the following categories...

Romance Between Leonardo and Nina

The romantic attraction between Leonardo and Nina is likely to have been based on a strong and immediate sense of mutual recognition, although in reality they had only just met. Something about Leonardo's friendly, laid-back personality seems curiously familiar to Nina - perhaps because it reminds her of some aspect of herself. Leonardo too will probably feel exceptionally relaxed when he's in Nina's company, as her acceptance and admiration allow him to be totally himself.

Friendship Between Leonardo and Nina

Because these two bring out each other's hedonistic tendencies, they're likely to be the kind of friends who really know how to party and get the most out of life! They may find they have similar tastes and interests and that they're particularly drawn to each other by their shared love of music, art and culture. With so much mutual give and take in this relationship, this couple are easily able to make allowances for each other. And - with a congenial connection between Leonardo's Jupiter and Nina's Venus - whatever tends to happen between them, they will probably always stay on good terms.

Commitment Between Leonardo and Nina

At least this much is certain: This pair's willingness to take each other's feelings seriously and the hard work they put into the emotional side of their relationship enhance its long-term prospects of success. With a rock-solid link between Leonardo's Moon and Nina's Saturn, he may come to realize he can depend on her for emotional support and back-up and that she would never knowingly let him down. Certainly, Nina may experience a subtle sense of responsibility towards Leonardo, and when he's confused or upset she can help to reassure him and calm him down.

Communication Between Leonardo and Nina

Talking to each other can seem so natural and easy to these two, each may feel it's almost like having a conversation with themself! Leonardo is likely to experience a strong mental rapport with Nina, discover he has many attitudes and ideas in common with her, and find lots of interesting topics of discussion. Nina too will probably feel very relaxed with Leonardo's friendly, easy-going personality - which encourages her to open up to him and give voice to her thoughts and opinions.

Humor and Fun Between Leonardo and Nina

Strong feelings of mutual affection and a genuine delight in each other's company inject lots of joy and mirth into this relationship, enabling this couple to share many convivial good times together. The warmth they express towards each other makes both of them feel confident, relaxed and happy and more easily able to focus on having fun. With harmonious vibes between Leonardo's Sun and Nina's Venus, they seem to have a unique ability to bring out each other's playful side, may enjoy the same kind of cultural and leisure activities - and are likely to have a similar appreciation of the finer things in life.

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