Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Compatibility


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Sexual Compatibility
Emotional Empathy
Humor and Fun
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Ben and Jennifer's love compatibility has scored highly in the following categories...

Friendship between Ben and Jennifer

Mutual goodwill and generosity are likely to form the basis of a particularly warm friendship between these two. Because there's a lot of give and take in this relationship, Ben and Jennifer are easily able to make allowances for each other. And - with a congenial connection between Ben's Venus and Jennifer's Jupiter - whatever tends to happen, they'll probably always stay on good terms. This makes for happy, laid-back vibes and puts both of them in the mood for enjoying life to the full. They certainly seem to bring out each other's hedonistic tendencies and love to party together.

Potential for Commitment in Ben and Jennifer's Relationship

At least this much is certain: Because emotionally Ben and Jennifer don't give up easily on each other and they're willing to work at resolving problems and disagreements, their relationship has a better than average chance of lasting in the long term. With a rock-solid link between Ben's Saturn and Jennifer's Moon, she may come to sense that she can depend on him, that he will always be there for her, and that he wouldn't knowingly let her down. Certainly, it's true that emotionally Ben is probably the more "grown up" of these two, with the ability to calm Jennifer's nerves when she's feeling restless or uptight.

Emotional Empathy Between Ben and Jennifer

Thanks to the harmony between Ben's Jupiter and Jennifer's Moon, this pair are likely to be strongly drawn to each other on an emotional level - not least by their ability to lift each other's spirits and spark off each other's sense of humor. Jennifer's liveliness and wit tends to keep Ben feeling upbeat and cheerful, while he helps her to laugh off the nervous tension which is a by-product of her high-strung temperament. The emotional support and encouragement this couple receive from each other can create a powerful bond between them - and may have an extremely positive effect on their general approach to life.

Communication Between Ben and Jennifer

Ben's Neptune, resonating with Jennifer's Mercury, allows these two to relate to each other with a high degree of sensitivity, possibly giving them a strong telepathic link. This can mean that Ben often gets a hunch about what Jennifer is going to say before she has actually spoken - or that he's aware of what is happening to her even when they're apart. An ability to communicate with each other in a particularly understanding way means that differences of opinion can be quickly and harmoniously resolved. Because Jennifer knows she is assured of a sympathetic hearing, she should find it easy to confide in Ben about the things she feels strongly about.

Humor and Fun in Ben and Jennifer's Relationship

Fun and laughter clearly represent a major theme in this relationship! Jennifer seems to bring out the zanier side to Ben's personality and sparks off his quirky sense of humor, while he tends to make her feel happy, light-hearted and unusually laid-back. With good vibes between Ben's Ascendant and Jennifer's Jupiter, being in each other's company is likely to give them a lot of pleasure. And wining, dining and hanging out at home together may count among the things they both enjoy the most.

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