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Uranus Transits - When Lightning Strikes!



As the astrological agent of change and experimentation, there’s not much that’s predictable or dependable about Uranus. But there’s one thing we can always be certain of – and that is that whenever our love life is in need of a good shake-up, a Uranus transit will kick us out of our rut!


Uranus has a habit of making extraordinary things happen to us, however hard we may try to resist the force of change. In fact it’s precisely when we naively assume that everything in our little world is nicely safe and settled, that Uranus is likely to deliver us a huge surprise.


Discovered in 1781 by William Herschel on the eve of a period of unprecedented scientific and political revolution, its astrological reputation as a system-buster and a rebel-rouser is undoubtedly well-earned. Whatever it touches in our birth chart, it’s likely to turn our life upside down.

The Planet of Love at First Sight


When lightning strikes – as it frequently does under transits of Uranus – its effect can be totally electrifying! Relationships which begin under the astrological influence of this planet are magnetic, mind-blowing, often quite shocking – and inevitably force us to totally rethink our take on love.


Responsibility, caution, commonsense? You can forget about all that boring stuff – the speed and suddenness with which Uranian relationships develop can be nothing short of phenomenal. In fact it’s not uncommon for the two people involved to move in together – or even get married – after only a couple of weeks. But then, Uranus is the planet of love at first sight!


Okay, so not necessarily love of the lasting kind, since it also rules one-night-stands, short-lived affairs and fickle changes of heart. Of course, this need not mean that the passionate feelings experienced by many people at the start of a Uranian relationship can’t continue to smoulder indefinitely. But as a rule of thumb, if you’re looking for something stable and permanent, that’s not really what this planet is about.

Ride the Roller Coaster!


Know that feeling when you can’t live without someone, but find it equally hard to live with them? Well, that tends to be how it is with Uranus. Uranian relationships are often something of a roller-coaster, following a spasmodic pattern of highs and lows, togetherness and distance, and break-ups and reunions. Those on-off relationships that never seem to get closure – or the part-time ones where you see each other only at weekends – they all come under the astrological rulership of Uranus.


Discontinuity appears to be an integral part of any Uranian relationship – perhaps because it is only by this means that the novelty necessary for ongoing interest and stimulation can somehow be maintained. Or perhaps also because – as the symbol of personal freedom – Uranus encourages us to develop greater independence and self-reliance within the framework of our one-on-one relationships.


So maybe we’ll spend less overall time together compared to the steady, committed partnerships traditionally associated with more ‘solid’ planets such as Saturn and Pluto. Yet however short their duration, Uranian relationships invariably manage to compress into a relatively short interval, a range and depth of experience which many couples spend a lifetime acquiring!

Just Go With the Flow


Whenever you see Uranus mentioned in connection with your horoscope, get set for a mega dose of excitement! Not exactly what you ordered right now? Well sorry, Uranus has no regard for wants, needs or expectations – it just does its own thing. In fact, there’s nothing it loves more than to throw our carefully worked out romantic plans into chaotic disarray.


So what exactly is going on here? Are the shock waves Uranus tends to produce in our relationships just the whim of some mischievous planetary entity, intent on creating mayhem in our lives? Or could it be that in forcing us to confront the unexpected, it helps liberate us from the conditioning and the fixity that prevent us from moving on. Because once we learn that we never really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, we come to realize we might just as well live for today! 

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