Scorpio 2020 Love and Relationships Horoscope



Scorpio Best Month for Love

In 2020 Venus, the planet of love, is in your Star Sign, Scorpio, from the third week of November to the middle of December. Whether you’re single or already part of a couple, you’ll be injecting more romance into your life now. 

This is the best time for creating a forever relationship with the kind of depth and intensity you need to feel emotionally secure and happy. You’ll never commit to a love affair unless you believe it’s for real – and the chances of this being the case are a lot greater now.

Effortless Seductions

At your best Scorpio, you’re a master of the art of effortless seduction, and never more so than when Venus (the planet of love) is visiting your Solar Intimacy Sector (the area of your Solar Chart ruled by your Star Sign), as it does for a whole four months from the start of April to the first week of August 2020. 

Because your hypnotic powers are super-charged now and your sexual charisma is at its height, sparking off a new love affair or reigniting the flame in an existing one is never going to be easier. Use your Svengali charm wisely though, and especially during Venus’s Retrograde period from May 13th to June 25th. Playing love games simply to prove your powers of conquest is likely to backfire on you then.

Financial Game Changers

Emotionally you may hold all the cards now, but where money is concerned you could find yourself in a rather weaker position. The balance of financial power in one or more of your most important relationships may be set to change as two mega Eclipses hit your Money Sector, the first early in June and the second around the middle of December

If the financial power in a relationship shifts into your hands, be careful not to abuse it or you risk undermining your partner’s self-esteem and destroying their love for you. If on the other hand it’s you who ends up losing some degree of financial control, try to do so gracefully. Learning to let go is good for you! 

Verbal Control Dramas

We all know that having the last word is very important to you, Scorpio. But it pays to be a little more conciliatory during 2020. There’s the risk now of alienating your date or significant other by making them feel that winning an argument means more to you than the wellbeing of your relationship with them.

To maintain harmony in all your personal relationships, the message of the Stars in 2020 is very clear: steer clear of verbal games of one-upmanship, try to conduct your conversations on more of an equal footing, and avoid the need always to have the final say. 

Expansive Jupiter and limiting Saturn spend the whole of 2020 in your Solar Communication Sector, helping you to know when is the right time to speak up and when it’s better to hold your tongue. Verbal control dramas threaten to do a lot of unnecessary damage to your love life unless you avoid going to extremes and learn to walk the middle way.