Sagittarius 2020 Love and Relationships Horoscope



Eclipse Alert!

No need to panic Sagittarius! Provided you handle them right, the two Eclipses occurring this year in your Star Sign will bring you wonderful opportunities to turn your life around for the better. If you believe in freewill, you can choose to use these powerful energies to your personal advantage rather than just waiting (like the ancients did) to see what fate brings.

This year sees the succession of a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse on December 14th marking a major change of outlook and behavior in Sagittarians. Don’t wait for this to be forced upon you by circumstances outside your control! 

Take your destiny into your own hands and let go of your old limiting belief that in order to be happy you have to be totally free and independent. If you’re willing to be a little more cooperative and take on a few more responsibilities in your personal relationships, they’ll bring you rewards you never dreamt possible during the second half of 2020.

Your Best Time for Romantic Love

If you’re just starting, or are already in, a romantic relationship and want to make the very best of it, Venus’s unusually long four month residency in your Solar House of Partnerships could be the answer to all your hopes and dreams. 

The period from the start of April to the first week of August is a great one for getting engaged or married, or just moving in with your sweetheart, but be sure to avoid May 13th to June 25th. That’s the time when Venus is Retrograde, a notorious deal breaker for any kind of romantic plans.

If You’d Rather Play the Field

If you’re single and fancy free, and the idea of settling down leaves you cold, there’s never been a better time for playing the field than the second six months of 2020! Mars (the planet of passion) is resident in your Solar Love Affairs Sector from the 1st of July to the end of December and beyond, firing up your libido and strengthening your powers of conquest.

Whether or not this will make you happy is the big question. Those two Eclipses in your Star Sign may suggest otherwise!

Using Money Wisely

Jupiter (the planet of optimism and expansion) and Saturn (the planet of lack and limitation) spend the whole of 2020 in your Finances Sector, throwing a revealing light on the role money plays in your personal relationships. 

By nature you’re quite free with your cash, Sagittarius. But Saturn’s presence in your Solar Second House makes you strangely fearful at times that your funds will run out and consequently rather mean and tight-fisted. Then at other times Jupiter inflates your confidence that the coffers will always refill themselves no matter how wildly extravagant you are, pushing you into reckless financial gambles.

Because neither of these extreme behaviors – throwing caution to the wind or being overly cautious – is going to make you popular with the people closest to you, try combining the energies of Jupiter and Saturn and treading the middle road where money is concerned. In other words, don’t stint on your usual magnanimous gestures, but make sure you always have something put by for a rainy day.