Gemini 2020 Love and Relationships Horoscope



The Planet of Love in Your Star Sign!

Venus, the planet of love, visiting your Star Sign from the start of April right through to the first week of August is fantastic news for all Geminis who are looking for romance.

Because you’ll be at your wittiest, flirtiest and most seductive best for the whole of this four month period, you’ll find an abundance of relationship opportunities coming your way. But, if you’re true to form Gemini, not necessarily ones you want to commit to at the present time. 

Playing the game of love now is great fun for you, but not for the people whose hearts you might inadvertently break along the way. Try to avoid making promises you can’t or don’t want to keep, Gemini. When Venus turns Retrograde between May 13th and June 25th your little white lies will come back to bite you!

Energizing Your Social Life

Mars, the planet of passion and war, is another unusually slow moving planet this year, making a six month long visit to your Social Sector. 

From the 1st July until the end of the year, if you’re willing to put in the effort there’s the chance to create some amazingly powerful networking connections that will help push you onwards and upwards. You’ll be making some genuine new friendships now, but perhaps also a few ‘false friends’ who turn out to be more like enemies. Learning to sort the wheat from the chaff is your big challenge.

Working with What’s In Hand

Jupiter (the planet of optimism and expansion) and Saturn (the planet of realism and limitation) both spend the whole of 2020 in your Solar Intimacy Sector. So one minute you’re keen to expand your repertoire of sexual techniques and partners, and the next you’re fearful of making any changes to the status quo. 

Your key to happiness in your intimate relationships lies in combining the influences of these two contrasting planets and treading the middle way. Working with whatever is currently in hand and striving to improve it will pay off much better for you than attempting to strike out on something entirely new.

Game Changers in your Partnerships

Two Eclipses – a Lunar Eclipse on 5th June, followed by a Solar Eclipse on 14th December – in your Partnerships Sector suggest a potential change in your formal relationship status.

The conclusory Lunar Eclipse in June will serve to tie up the loose ends on any current partnership that’s in the process of falling apart. This paves the way for the initiatory Solar Eclipse which could signal a change of heart from you where romantic commitment is concerned. 

If you’re single, remaining fancy free will no longer seem so attractive to you when the right person comes along. If you’re already in a good relationship but haven’t yet committed to it, making the most of what you have and putting it on a more permanent footing will make a lot of sense.